Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Warning for Sikhs: The Dera Chief issue continues to Escalate

The Indian Government has failed so far to act upon arresting Dera Chief Ram Rahim for his actions against Sikhs and humanity. Putting aside what he has done against the Sikh community, the Dera Chief is known to be involved in many rape and murder cases, but the Government has yet to arrest him. Instead, when you read the Indian Nationalist publications such as the one below, you will find them using terms to demonize the Sikhs while not stating one piece of falsity by the Dera Chief or the inactions of the Government. Whereas the Dera Chief should be arrested, the Times of India suggests the riots in Mumbai could have been prevented if the Dera Chief had been given more police protection. If this does not illustrate the joint bias against the Sikhs by both the Government of India and its media, I have no clue what will. If the Dera Chief is not arrested and justice delivered, such incidents are bound to occur again and again. The Government itself is planting the seeds for a massive conflict in the coming future.