Thursday, December 21, 2006

Closed for the Holidays

G.N.E. will be resting for the holidays. While Sentali and The GOdfather visit The motherland, the homeland, the land pure, our panjab. Mastana, myself, Izhaarbir, and SuratYaar will taking a road trip to mini punjab aka T.DOT. aka Toronto with some friends from Houston.

We shall return to you as soon as possible. Next year is a VERY BIG year for us. It is, as i like to call it, The Year of The SINGH.

G.N.E. is looking to emerse from its roots into this world next year, and looking to leave people shocked. Next Year, look out for a couple of Singles to come out, as we start to put together the album. Theres also a possiblility for GNE to have a featuring track on the Immortal Shaheedi 5 album, produced by Immortal Productions. so also look out for that. and any other updates will be posted on this blog.

So keep checkin back for more updates.



Thursday, December 14, 2006


We got a couplea things to celebrate in this month of december....

I personally celebrate anything that gets me offa work...hahah...
but this month we have a couplea special things goin on...

Happy Birthday to SuratYaar! that man is gettin old as hell....but still got a lot left in him.

Congratulations to yo boy THe GodFather, as he travels to india to get married.

and aside from that.....Happy Holidays, no matter what you celebrate, i think being with your frends and family is whats most happy kwanza, merry christmas, a happy new year, or whatver else...

much love to everyone


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Red White and Blue.

Yo, i wrote up a 32 for this possible track called the Red white and Blue...
probably gonna have yo boy Izhaarbir, MAstana and myself on it....

check out my two bits.

lets take a second, talk abt this blue white and red
and I twist up the words, cause they don’t control my head
I love this country, besides all the blood-shed.
But this government is twisted up, just like dreads

Like the surgeons in ER, these scrubs are covered in Red
What more can I say about these corrupt ass feds
Like abusive husbands, they abuse their beds.
Like T.O. these fuckers overdose their meds!

Theres people fightin over milk and bread
The colored ones are lootin, while the white ones are said
To be tryin to survive when disaster is spread.
This is the fuckin way, our country is Lead!

By this false media, that controls your mind
The information is locked away, and its hard to find,
And the masterminds are the ones that confine
Our lives with pencils and stenciled a design

Limit your brain, and your eyes is blind
Someone has already planned out and defined
You life, and your education is always assigned.
By white collar blood suckers behind closed blinds.

Look inside this place and you’ll come to discover
That unity of a nation is binded by hatred for others.
This is world full of hatred, aint no room for lovers.
And patriotism makes the makes the perfect cover

To promote the discrimination of different people
History was harsh, so we’re makin a harsher sequel
Religion to some people in only seasonal
War excites the news, so who cares about bein peaceful

Malcolm, Martin, and Jarnail have planted their seeds
I don’t see none of them, in the people that lead
Our countries, they just talk about all the change we need
But u cant change the world, till you learn how to bleed.!

- SaintSoulja

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Sample Track

Yo Yo, as i mentioned before...the sample track is up from our jam session...
we did a little bit of a rough recording at our jam session...
and this was the product of that...
we're thinkin about, makin this an actual track to come out with on the next Immmortal Shaheedi CD produced by the big kids in UK ( aka Immortal Productions, tigerstyle, etc)...Their CD drops Vaisakhi 2007. So look out for that.

lisen to it...let us know what u think...
Its got myself..yo boy SaintSOulja, The GodFather himself, and Ak-Sentali...
The G.N.E. as always, plays a big role in the background...big ups to Mastana and SuratYaar.


Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Yo Yo! if u check the blog! u might have noticed that we got our sample track on there!

BIg ups to my manz, my nigga Vik aka Vikram Singh aka THe MAN, for helpin us out with that....your seva is very much appreciated mann....much love and respect to you my brotha.

Jaffiyan Puppyian
Ik Pyaar


Sikh Brother goin Acapella

Your Boy Mastana for the first time on Stage at the Surat Conference....

Big Ups to MAstana!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

GNE Initiation

How I came to be a part of GNE – always knew that music and hip hop were far greater then a zoo for the entrapment of vulgarity and lewdness. And that music is an avenue in which we can impart our thoughts and align our koum, our youth, our nation with the truth that resides in us all. The truth for change, for empowerment, and for the upliftment of ourselves and those around us. This is the reason I got initiated into G.N.E.

Beat of the Drum

Sitting, basking in the sun
Listening to the beat of the drum
Sweet passing of a windy breeze
Falling leaves of age old trees

Elsewhere on opposite side of the sun
Listening to the same beat of the drum
Sweet passing of a windy breeze
Falling bombs of flying beasts

Brown leaves
Dead bodies
All passing in a windy breeze
All listening to the same beat

Sunflowers and Sunshine
White flowers and Moonshine
All listening to the same hum
All beating to the same drum

Where ever I go
I hear the same drum
I feel the same windy breeze
It’s all in the same beat

Whether I look to the West
Whether I look to the East
It’s all in your Harmony
All I see is your Beauty
All I hear is your Melody

People fight over your Name
People fight over your Love
They’ve murdered your beautiful dove
Stopped hearing the beat of the drum

So, I cry, cry, and cry my soul to sleep
O beautiful dove, why do they butcher thee?
You weren’t meant to be a sweet delicacy
Please, you still heavily bleed;
Quickly, quickly, fly away, preserve your dignity

Fly back to the Master and for us do plea
This world is in dire need of saving
People come and go endlessly
Few have heard Master’s sweet Word
Few have felt His everlasting Love
O how I wish, to become their feet’s dust
Perchance, to meet the One I Love I must

The Louisiana Purchase (Viper Records)

I absolutely LOVEEE this track and this video!

Much love to everyone still helpin out and much love to those that are still strugglin to recope.
Much love and respect.



Now, somebody asked WHy AK-SENTALI?
"why the hell would you name yourself after a gun?"

well, the answer is simple.....Its a Metaphor....
Miss AK is as dangerous as a AK in a revolution. Not to mention the AK-47 is the official weapon of any gurreila warfare army. And is the official weapon for revolutions that came and that may come in the future.
Shes dangerous like an AK-47 in the sense that, her talent, mainly her voice is soo lethal, that it will leave you dead (figuratively).

So there thats the main reason why....



Ladies and GEntlemen,
It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you, the NEWEST member to this dynasty...
I present to you..... AK-SENTALI!

yes yes, its Exactly what u think it is.

Avneet Kaur, is the latest member of our crew. Her AMAZING voice, her potential lyrical talent, and her existing Mind-Blowing Vocal Talent is going to be a treasure for this group. Her committment and effort is also to be commended.
So look forward to hearing more from her...

thats it for now.


Lets InTroduce The Team!

Well, lets not leave anyone in the dark about whos on the crew....
the team we have put together as of now, consists of a very diverse group of young adults. so lets look down the list.

First up we have "THe Godfather" - Gurvinder Singh, one of the most proactive, energetic, touching, hard hitting and down to earth people you will EVER meet....The GodFather is a business man and real estate agent, by profession....for all your housing needs...hahah
He is Also a Director for the United Sikhs Organization. He has helped provide humanitarian releif in places like Pakistan with the Earth Quake, and New Orleans with the Hurrican Katrina Relief Project. Not enough can be said about my manz, my nicuaah, this dude right here is ill with the pen. And his flow is toxic chemical disgusting. We are VERY lucky to have him aboard and a part of this group...much love and respect to you bro.

Secondly we have, My brother, my partner in crime, my helping hand, motivational force for this group, one of my best frends, and a lyrical assassin... I present to you "MASTANA"
Sick with the words....he dont spit, he vomits...Mastana's been writing for a minute now, and he expresses his emotions and backs up his arguements through harsh words that will levae you uncomfortable. He's definitely a back bone to this group...and is the project's official graphic designer and printer. Much love and respect to you bro.

Alright movin on down, we got the ONE, and THE ONLY, "Surat Yaar" - The consultant, the manager, the CEO, the business development manager, the marketing strategist, and the Raunchy ass nicuahh that'll spit some Raw ass shit and wont be scared to back it up...The philosopher that's gonna help guide this group the right direction. This dude is the spline to this project. The initial match striker for this forest fire, SuratYaar is going to be a Vital part of this project.

Alright next one down, My boy, My nicuaah, my brother from another mother, we have, your servant to the community, simply known as " Sevak" aka Izharbir of my brothers for a while now....this brother is deep...he speaks how he feels and gives it to you real...A real poet at heart....

And lastly, i guess i owe it to you to introduce myself. I go by the name of SaintSoulja, the one and only. Hopefully i can contribute somethin useful to this project.

Jam Session!

4 Guys n a Girl.......Before your mind starts wandering in a mess of directions let me dash all hopes of this being one of those types of posts. 4 Guys n a Girl was the composition of our first weekend jam session and a more eclectic group it couldn't have been.......we got 3 students, one professional nut case n one serial entrepeneur.......hardly sounds like a group that shares the concerns of the average american......but somehow they do. Everyone in that room has an interesting story, we got one lil girl who's a semi-pro musician performing all over texas, we got two fantastic rappers and a guy who thinks he knows how to manage anything......and that last guy.....we're not really sure what he does besides make tshirts.....more on that later. Oh, btw by the end of the weekend we were 4 Guys n 2 that might lead to something more fun to blog about next time...... ;)

- SuratYaar


alright as far as music goes,
Ever since the time of Guru Nanak, Music has been the medium to deliver the message.
Music is what brings people together, music what gets peoples attention and enhances their senses. Starting with Guru Nanak, sikhs have always used music to relay on the message. Guru Nanak started by writing his own poetry, which was written in the little rhyme book he carried, called his "Pothi". And at that time whenever sikhs would gather to listen to him, he would sing hyms from the pothi, while mardana played the "Rabab". Back in the days, that was the hottest thing around. Later on in the years, the guru's music evolved as did the instruments. Guru Sahib created, and correct me if im wrong, 36 Raags, and the instruments evolved from the Rabab to instruments like The Tous, the Dilrooba, the Saranda, and later on to the Sarangi and the Tabla, and recently the Harmonium.
This is Why we have Kirtan, music is used as a medium to recite the message of the Gurus.

SO, if the Guru's were American born teenagers today, and they saw what was wrong with the world...what do you think they do?
Well for us, we think that Most probably Guru Sahib would use the hottest music medium to relay his thoughts and beliefs. And THAT my friends is exactly, what we're going to try and accomplish. Put his message, coming from our mouths, into music that YOu like. haha.

The album is probably going to have a good fusion of Hip-hop (because we all know hip-hop is being bought out and put to sleep), Gurmat Classical, indian Classical, Maybe a bit of Alternative or Rock, and Acapella Spoken word stuff. Basically anything that sounds HOTT! is going to be included....otherwise its filtered. haha.
We are also still looking for a good producer, someone who is able to generate beats on a computer, put together music, and help enhance the music aspect of the project. So if you are interested, please let us know.

Alright, thats it for me.
Thanks for listening


Mission Statement

G.N.E.'s mission in plan is to provide a glimpse of the world as Guru Nanak's sikhs see it, empowering, inspiring and awakening the common man on the way.

To be clear about it, When the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh, physically left this earth, he instilled the 'Jot' (light) of Guru Nanak into the Guru Granth and the Guru Panth. The process that was used to create this force, this army, this nation itself is soo unique that, most people would have never performed or even thought of performing such a deed. Once Guru Sahib recieved 5 brave men, who were more than willing to give up their lives for the sake of their true master, he blessed them with Amrit. and THEN after he, himself created the Khalsa Nation, he himself, the creator of the nation, Begged on one bended knee, to be a part of this nation. So my people, what I'm trying to get at here is that, WE....You, me, your brother, your friends, your family, people you dont know, doesn't matter what they look like, or their habits., or background or whatever! ALL of US, are the living, breathing, Jot of Guru Nanak.

"Man Tu Jot Saroop Hay, Apnaa Mool Pachaan"
O my mind, you are Divine, realize your potential.

So by that, comes G.N.E.
If Guru Nanak was alive today, what would he see, he saw caste systems, and social classes, and injustice, and lose beings in his lifetime, and he made it his life to change and improve his lifestyle, and the lifestyles of people around him. So if he was physically alive today, what would he think about the injustices that are still infecting the planet, what would he think of AIDS, and plague, and Hurricane Katrina, and the discrimination and the segregation and the concentration camps, and the politics of the world, and just everything that sorrunds us today.
What would he see and speak about?

Thus, we have come to the realization that, it is up to us, not just the members of GNE, but the khalsa panth itself, as a whole, to describe, speak up against and change the world we live in....
recently Mastana quoted something intelligent and he said that " We as sikhs, we should be damn shamed of ourselves, if theres injustice going on out there in the world, and we're not doin shit about it.....this is OUR JOB, our duty to protect the rights of others and ourselves".

And we can do ALL of that because WE ARE Guru Nanak's Jot, and WE DO have that same light within us. We just have to rid ourselves of this bullshit that surrounds us and come to that realization.

"Kiv Sachiraa Hoee-yay, Kiv Kudaay Tutayy Paal,
Hukam Rajee Chalnaa, Nanak Likiyaa Naal"

How do i break this wall of trash that surrounds me?
Nanak says, Listen to and Obey the will of God

Jago Idol

So, Me and Mastana went to jago miami for the second year in a row.
Awesome conference! had a blast like always, love chillin with the miami crew.
and so every year they take the conference out on a cruise for a night...and we do everything from dinner to party to a open mic night...So we thought we spit a lil somethin somethin for the peeps there...

the jago peeps put up the video.....go ahead and check it out......let me know what u think...
its prolly like the second or third time ive its still a bit rough....

the song is called the 'Why' Song. composed by yo boy.....The track is gonna have Myself and The Godfather on it when it comes out...and Im still looking for a Choir/singer(s) for the let me know if you're interested.......



heres the video