Monday, March 31, 2008



This just reminded me. I saw the movie "Kite Runner" the other day. Which by the way, is an AMAZING movie. I recommend everyone watch it. And the character in that movie said something along the same lines. I believe he said.

" The greatest sin in life is stealing. When you murder, you steal someone's right to life. When you lie, you steal someone's right to know the truth. When you betray, you steal the person's right to trust..."

Something along those lines.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Greatest Sin in Life

I had this thought randomly a couple of days ago and i have no clue why, but somehow my brain asked itself the question: What is the greatest sin in life living amongst people of this world? And then I realized the following.

The greatest sin in life, is not murdering, raping, or some other physically obscene crime. The greatest sin in life is withholding wisdom attained by a person, because unlike a physical crime where whatever you do only hurts relatively one or few persons, when you withhold wisdom you harm everyone in the process because you withheld something that could have helped everyone.

Because you chose to withold something that could have solved many problems of the world, and by witholding this wisdom you continued to allow those problems to exist. Therefore, the greatest sin a person could do in their life is not share the wisdom they attained in their lifetime.

- Sevak -

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Good, The Bad

The purpose, I believe, in the religion of Guru Nanak Sahib is not of morality, but of the cosmic appreciation of the one Being. Doing good in one’s life, knowing the difference between good and bad, or bringing the qualities of Vaheguru into a person's life is not the purpose of the Sikh, it is but a mere consequence of a life lived in the cosmic appreciation of the one Being. Those personalities who teach and preach to others to be “good people” are I believe the ones who have misunderstood and continually belittle the meaning of Sikhi.

I have for the longest time held the belief that morality is not the purpose of Sikhi, for I believe morality has been taught much before Guru Nanak Sahib came into this world, and can be learned by any individual attending any University by partaking the courses of Sociology and Ethics. If we were to say the purpose of Sikhi or religiousness is to be good people, then I believe the purpose of religiosity and Sikhi for those who think that may have come to an end, for you may gain this knowledge anywhere on the internet or a university.

No, I believe what Guru Nanak Sahib expounded on over and over again was the feeling of cosmic appreciation. The humility in the being which has come to appreciate the harmony in which the Universe works, and the longing of that being to expand the personal self and experience life connected as the Universal self. This feeling is appreciated by and evidenced through one such writing of an inspired-soul, Professor Puran Singh, who in his book The Creation and Purpose of the Khalsa states, “The religion of Guru Nanak is one thing needful to the soul of the individual, as well as the souls of groups of individuals. Nature is God. It is personal and alive with feeling. It is a reservoir of inexhaustible life, inspiration and love. Acceptance, amazement, and the spirituality of things are Guru Nanaks exact words. Religion is function of life, as it is driven to function.” If one reads The Spirit Born People, more of this cosmic appreciation is expounded on by this great inspired soul.

It is furthermore evidenced by writings by Guru Sahib himself when he states “ham nahi change bura nahi koe” Shabad Panna 2784, “jo tho prem khelan ka chao, sir dhar tali gali meri aao, eith maarag pair dhareejai, sir deejay kaan na keejai” Shabad Panna 1412, and “sach kahon sun leh sabhai, jin prem kio tin hi prabh paayeo” by Guru Gobind Singh Ji in Savaiye 9th pauri. In all of these Shabads Guru Sahib continually speaks of one message, which is the appreciation of the one Being. This appreciation is through living a life of Love, and this Love is discovered in a life of Truthful living; the second word in Guru-Granth Sahib Ji, “Sat-Naam.”. This Love then is expressed in innumerous ways such as service, moral living, sharing, etc. This is why morality is not the purpose. There is no purpose. There is just the feeling of cosmic appreciation, Love. True Love has no purpose other than to Love.

And The Ugly

The Ugly is the state of the actions of our personal and communal lives, and I will not say Panthic because the Guru is Panth and the Panth is forever blossoming. To cut this short, and without ranting on for another ten pages, I will briefly say that because we have forgotten the message of cosmic appreciation, living a life of true love, it is why our community and our personal lives are in the state they are in. It is why we have become a group of judgmental imbeciles who cast eyes of opinions, rather than love, upon each other in the community and other human beings. And, as long as we continue this tradition of separation based on our foolish idea of our genius wisdom, proclaimed by our tradition of sourcing evidence on meaningless names and figures of history, and whilst forgetting the cosmically inspirational Shabad of our Guru, not living a life of Love, as a community and as individuals we shall perish into the dust of time and history having accomplished nothing but egoism and self-indulgence.

May Vaheguru have compassion on us for we possess the incredible ability to cremate beauty in our daily lives.

Lastly, stay in chardi-kala! =)

- Sevak -

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A friend of Mine

I wanna tell you about a young friend of mine
Grew up together since we were like 8 or Nine
Same school, same class, same place, same time
but we had different ways of stayin in line

he had a passion for hangin out with them girls
pretty boy had girls in different parts of the world
good kid at heart, he got caught up in the hype
used to get with girls that weren't even his type.

everybody loved him, we should chill and hang out together
good clothes, good shoes, the good life. whatever
but then we got to college and things changed forever
he did his thing well, and i cant say things changed for the better

two years back i got a call so sick.
sometimes i just wish i had never picked
he coughed real hard and said to come over quick
i tried to ask questions but he was quick to click

i got to his place.
from the stairs the despair was heard
he sat cold and alone in his bed, didn't say a word.
the ice and jewels were now covered in red.
i wonder what else he would have to endure.

He was Posi-tive.
Infected with what we joked about and called it, "HiV"
The doctors said he didn't have much longer to live
Unless he bought the meds and stopped bein Ac-tive

He's got a virus that was spreadin so quickly
day by day hes gettin more and more sickly
he cried to the doctor like "OH please try to fix me!
i was clueless and feelin kinda tipsy!
and i cant even TRY to take a sick leave!
cause if i dont work then they gonna evict me!"


My friend. My buddy. He lays on his death bed tonight.
got nothin left in him, but he's still fightin the fight.
frightened by fright, such a frightening fight.
his deeds were wrong but they made him feel so right.
he wont last too long, i doubt that he might

i pray to God, but his answers are known.
i try not to mourn, cause my friend's finally returnin home

i would tell you his name, but you already know him too
he's your best friend, he does what you do.
the syllables in his name, three minus two.
My friend is YOU.

- SaintSoulja

King of Queens

The reputation of a queen is about to collapse
reduced to the size of the glutinous max
blast from the past, now it's all about the ....
chivalry is dead, rest in peace at last.

but wait, (laugh) no pun intended
let me convey what really gets me offended
no more respect for women all that has ended
callin her names like B... awh that's splendid!

need to realize that we all our descendants
of a gender on who the world is depended
the idea is rare, not everyone can apprehend it
yeah we want that ... but we can't defend it

now what more can i say, i got nothin in store.
we abandon these creatures and call em whores
take advantage of their innocence insteada adore
the beauty of these angels standin at our door

[Hook] x 2

There's a time when, life gets rough
Mama. You gotta stay tough.
I promise. To take away the pain.
Make it sunshine after all this rain.

Nine months in her womb, I coulda been a tomb,
Instead momma gave me her breaths and all her food
I made it out alive, only to witness with my own eyes
the way men act, just so they can stand with pride.

realize that we get our legs from momma,
Cold world got heated up, just like a sauna.
One glance at momma's eyes showed me a world of hope.
So I put down the gun and loosened up the rope.

Showed me. The sanctity of a lady.
Forgave me in the hot city and took me a shady
place.where I could see everything so clear.
Took me to her chest, she knew that grown men don't tear.

I knew that day, she gave me more than smile and love
Felt I she was an angel sent from above.
Know that God gave em strength, just smaller frames to carry
so throw your ego, not our women down to the ground.

[Hook] x 2

There's a time when, life gets rough
Mama. You gotta stay tough.
I promise. To take away the pain.
Make it sunshine after all this rain.

They say there's a woman behind every man
but how come she can't stand next to the man?
plan of the man, well i don't understand
i aint no feminist but i do what i can

ode to my mother, love her forever
scraps off the streets raised me and my brother
to hell with a father didn't need it in my life
beat his wife, so i don't want em in my life

the same woman that once gave up her night asleep
to make you slept tight, held you tight when you weeped
held your hand through the streets, stayed by your side
and she never left sigh, when the struggle got steep

cause women face a lot, but we don't hear about it
female fetacide and homocide im countin
domestic violence or careers that get doubted
yeah we all hear about it, now lets be about it.

[Hook] x 2

There's a time when, life gets rough
Mama. You gotta stay tough.
I promise. To take away the pain.
Make it sunshine after all this rain.

-SaintSoulja (G.N.E.)

Saturday, March 8, 2008


I want you, just you
Why can't it just be
Me and you in symphony
Orchestrating a life
Thats in beat
My love is the bee
Your love is the flower
I feed from you
You live through me
Me and you in symphony
Why can't it just be
Your love being the sun
My love being the tree
You feed me your beauty
I make the earth green
Why can't it just be
Me and you in symphony
Your love is the conductor
My love is the melody
This symphony could never be complete
Without me and you in harmony

- Sevak -

Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm Back! (calm down)

Waddup fam!

I know I know, I haven't posted anything in a while. I been REALLY busy with A LOT of stuff. Haven't had any time at all lately. But im in the middle of an all-nighter taking a break, so I thought I'd update yall on what I have been up to lately.

Alright so....

-Just got back from VCU, RootsGear was at Apna Virsa Apna Punjab Bhangra competition, it was baller. Had a really good time out there. Congratulations to all the teams that won, shout out to my peeps at Drexel Bhangra, you guys get better every time i see you.

- Update on the Kray Twinz Spit Your Best Contest, MUCH MUCH love to everyone that showed me their support and love on the facebook video. thank you all SOOO much, it really means a lot to me. The contest and the entire video diary thing has now been moved to So go check it out.

- We are practically finished with a track called "King of Queens" featuring myself, Ajay Gogna (acoustic guitar), "Vik" (Bass guitar and Trumpet), and the talented Ram (vocals and tabla). The track is going to be all live instruments. We should be recording that very soon so look out for that too.

- Some of the collabs that are coming up very soon are: Young Fateh, Mandeep Sethi, the famous P. Oberoi from Soultap Records, and our good friend from Australia L-Fresh.

- Coming out in April is a Music Video for the track called "turBAN". An inside look into the french turban ban issue taken on by G.N.E. Shout out to Gursean Singh and Sartaj Singh for that.
- Also coming out in April will be an exclusive video and interview with SaintSoulja and the Godfather on Look out for that in april.

- ALSO, RootsGear will be coming out with BRAND NEW designs in April for Vaisakhi, and TRUST ME when i say this, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT!

Alright, I think i've told you way too much, but i don't mind, i trust you all as family.

Much love and respect. Good luck to everyone at drexel on their finals! goodluck to all you regular school heads on your midterms!