Sunday, October 21, 2007


Swimming in the ocean
diving into the sea
heaven'll be my country
hell beneath my feet

am a pious man on a mission
look down on those don't pray
convertin people to my religion
condemnin others to Hell's Bay
give food to poor & hungry
job is done for the day
Am a being full of compassion
to those listenin to my say
somebdoy going through misery
not converting, its what they pay
salvation's only in my religion
Am passing God's judgement today

Swimming in the ocean
diving into the sea
heaven'll be my country
hell beneath my feet

I am on the road to heaven
before goin to sleep I pray
lose control of my emotions
its okay, confess my sins everyday
condemn people to hell, I create hate
I'll be goin to heaven on judgement day
forget dying for another's pain
won't listen to another's say
God is only in my possession
either convert or you'll have to pay
am a pious man on a mission
passing God's judgement today

Swimming in the ocean
diving into the sea
hell is what surrounds me
heaven is what I dream

Pious man, listen to this take
cuz, hatred is what you cause
you've wasted your life
you forgot to pause
went through the motions
led a life thats false
you gave to charity
but forgot the cause
you never made your life
a paradise for all
heaven was on earth
it was all your call
divinity inside you
since day you were born
recognize your origin
bliss was down the hall

Swimming in the ocean
diving into the sea
heaven as my country
hell beneath my feet

listen up, this is your one chance
life is too short to spend in hate
People are like God's flowers
each one with their own trait
regardless the look, regardless the color
each in its own way is great
for who they are, love them all
then blissful will be your fate
instead of creating lines and divisions
spend your time making a gate
inside your heart, inside your soul
thats where it'll take shape
be universal in its essence
allow for all to congregate
under one one umbrella, one identity
humanity, for that gate it waits

- Sevak -

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I once saw a bird fly

I once saw a bird fly
Oh, did he fly with pride!
oh, did he fly with pride!
he was the predator,
he was the king

soaring above the clouds he was,
appearing majestic in his stature
looking down on the land he was,
watching his prey skitter-scatter
grinning with a wicked smile he was,
knowing he was the catcher

then, with the fiery passion of a hungry beast,
and the eyes of a blood lusting monger
he swooped down upon his prey
such a force as heaven would obey

clutched in his claws were two
two who had in the moment strayed
Oh, they knew where their doom lay
but the bird, ah! how wickedly he played

playing with his catch he was,
knowing he controlled their fate
abusing them an awful lot he was,
laughing at their pathetic state
pecking at them with his beak he was,
torturingly making them wait
at the moment how proud he was,
controlling everything, in every which way

soaring above the clouds he was,
appearing majestic in his stature
looking down on the land he was,
watching his prey skitter-scatter
grinning with a wicked smile he was,
knowing he was the catcher

then, as he was flying like any other day
suddenly his wings gave out on him
he looked down with a panicking glance
saw his prey as always skitter-scatter
realizing now, what he was seeing wasn't some chance
they had always been waiting and hoping for this festive dance
the prey knew it was only a matter,
time till they could make of him a decorative platter

falling hard toward the earth he was,
knowing a bed of webs for him await
thinking about his own misery he was,
he was to be tortured like all his prey
crying now miserably in fear he was,
he controlled nothing, nothing in any way

remembering how he had proudly tortured his catch
he couldn't help but fear for his own death
he was no longer the predator, no more the catcher
all his life he had been played
always thinking he controlled fate
now the one who was the predator, the one who was the king
his majesty could not even control his own wings
Oh, he knew where his doom lay
but fate, ah! how wickedly it had played

I once saw a bird fly
Oh, did he fly with pride!
Oh, did he fly with pride!
he was the predator,
he was the king

- Sevak -

Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Crimson Dream

Sweet prunes and bitter apples

Wind’s shadow and winter’s blossom

Blind as an eagle and as clear as a bat

Close my eyes see a world unimagined

As dark as white, as light as black

Weapons of love, bullets of truth

Politics of innocence, rule of servitude

Close my eyes see a world unimagined

People as students, life as a teacher

Lessons of compassion, cities of duty

Tests of righteousness, globe of unity

Close my eyes see a world unimagined

- Sevak -

Friday, May 25, 2007


pughaan sajaayiaan daran karke, pughaan sajaayiaan kauf karke.
dastaar di izat kive rakhan khud jo apni izat nehi sambaal sagde?

Guru naal hisaab rakhde ne, khud noon nafrat karde ne.
tu ai kive sochiaa piyaareaa, ke ai mangiaa miliaa sardaariaan noon samajh sagde ne?

pughaan sajaayiaan daran karke, pughaan sajaayiaan kauf karke.
shukarr karee(n) veeriaa jadhon aiho je bande dastaar utaaran lagge...

Sunday, April 22, 2007


a leaf flies in the silent wind
the earth shakes in a sudden grind

the sun shines in its beautiful presence
the stars bend in their humble essence

flowers fragrant the air with beauty
birds sing eloquent praises in their duty

Such is the word of the Saint in Melody
Causes Creation to sing along in Harmony

- Sevak -

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Immortal Productions alongside Jagowale, Kulwinder Singh Johal, Shveta, Surinder Singh & Narinder Singh, Tigerstyle, XS-BASS
and introducing
Bhai Balkar Singh Chola Sahib, Crative Boy, Des-C, G.N.E., Kanwar, Manpreet Singh, Money Spinner & Raxstar

proudly present their next addition to the revolutionary Shaheedi series: Panj

After the phenomenal impact of the previous four albums, the Immortals team have released their latest offering. With this album the purpose remains the same, to remember the sacrifices of the brave Singhs and Kaurs who stood tall against the face of oppression and injustice and to inspire a whole new generation of Sikhs, proud of their history and heritage. Dedicated to those who died for the faith, this fifth album explores issues of identity, equality, courage, strength and the self sacrifice of countless saintly warriors who abandoned the comforts of their homes and loved ones, to walk on a path where mortal death was a certainty.

Traditional dhad, sarangi and kaveeshar have been fused with modern and western sounds along with some of the best rapping talent in the western Sikh hemisphere to create a captivating and innovative sound that is unparalleled. Not only are the tracks enthralling to listen to, but the depth of the lyrics instils a sense of pride that both links us back to our sisters & brothers-in-arms, who have sacrificed their present to secure our future but also questions our own roles in the faith today

We pay homage to the sons and daughters of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who have coloured our history with their blood and have inspired generation after generation to walk defiantly on the path of the Guru whilst facing all challengers, tyrants and oppressors. This album is devoted to them, and to all the future Sikh Soormeh who will, without doubt, keep the kesri nishaan’s of the panth hoisted proudly in the skies.

Available across the World at Vaisakhi celebrations in April 2007.
The album can also be purchased from the Immortal Productions website at

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ki Matlab?

one of the few punjabi things i've written...

tusan pughan sajayian soniyan mitro, par kade socheya hai sajaan da ki matlab?
je pugh di izat ni rakhni, je pugh di izat ni karni, fir pughan sajaan da ki matlab?
je sharabi ban ke jina si, je sharabi ban ke jina si, fir Shaheedan di Kurbani da ki matlab?
fir sikh akhan da ki matlab? fir pughan sajan da ki matlab?
je pugh di izat ni rakhni, je pugh di izat ni karni, fir pughan sajaan da ki matlab?

- Sevak -

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

GOOD NEWS along with some bad news.

Well, The bad news first, The boy SaintSoulja is dead sick. Is caught with something and doesnt know what it is yet.


The G.N.E. crew made ALOT of progress this past week, as we got together from different parts of the nation.

We have successfully Recorded FOUR new tracks for the Album "Truth Be Told"

the Tracks are as follows.

- Red, White and Blue - ft. AK-Sentali, The GodFather, SaintSoulja and a special appearance by P. Starr.

- P.O.W. - Ft. SaintSoulja, The GodFather and P. Starr.

- The Awakening - Ft. The GodFather, SaintSoulja and AK-Sentali

and Lastly but not leastly

- Missin You - Ft. AK-Sentali and SaintSoulja.

Look out for the previews to these tracks coming SOON!!


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Prof. Jagdish Singh – Words from the Motherland

For those of you that don't know Prof. Jagdish Singh is an amazing man who has undertaken the creation of a Sikh intelligencia within Punjab so that on an academic front at least we'll have Sikhs out of Punjab capable of answering the various attacks that take place on our theology, our history and our culture.

Prof. Jagdish Singh is outwardly a simple man who has used most of his personal resources to start this work with students from all over Punjab. Here's a sampling of just a couple of his lectures.

(More are coming)...

Speech of Prof. Jadish Singh in a Seminar on "Role of Dalits and Sikhs in South Asia held at Punjab University, Chandigarh.
Get Video

Lecture of Prof. Jagdish Singh on Importance of Dastar and Kesh.
Play mp3

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Irony Of It All

Strange and ironic is funny how different animals can harmoniously and lovingly live together, yet we can't have a simple Divan at Gurduara without animosity, or for that matter even as a humanity as a whole, two people of different color, race, ethnicity, religion, whatever can't seem to handle looking at each other's faces...and here is nature slapping us in the face by creating a mockery of our ignorance.

- Sevak -

Monday, March 5, 2007

What makes a suit n tie professional, but my chaadra unacceptable?

We live in a world full of expectations. We live in a world where numerous migrations, have spread whites, blacks, Asians, south Asians and aboriginals around the globe. We speak numerous languages in our daily lives. We eat sushi for breakfast, pizza for lunch and daal for dinner all in one day. We cross time zones on hundreds of flights per hour.

Yet we’re still constrained by certain basic understandings or social norms. We’re faced with a necessity to meet expectations in our appearance, our dress, and our use of language.

Why is business around the world conducted in the clothing styles provided by the west? Why are remnants of our colonial slavehood still present in our lives?

Why don’t business men in other parts of the world (or hell here) wear clothes more indicative of the culture they come from? Why are brothers in Punjab sporting suits n ties when trying to look professional?

Why is it a Sistah feels the need to get a weave or straighten her hair? (


“It's common knowledge that Black women are sensitive to issues concerning our hair. We were in an uproar when Bo Derek was credited with originating cornrows. Yet we grapple with whether it is politically correct to straighten our hair, and we struggle in corporate America when we decide to have braids or dreads. But as my friend Martel says, if we allow people to control what is on our heads, we allow them to control what is in our heads.

No group's hair holds as much interest or fascination as Black women's. I once had a supervisor who asked me patronizing questions each time I changed a style. At first she just assumed my hair had to be artificial. When I changed it to curls, she actually had the nerve to put her hands into my hair for her own inspection. (I should have sued her for harassment!) Another ignorant supervisor pulled my ponytail off in front of a crowd. When I reported her, the incident was dismissed as an "accident." The truth is: To have your hair scrutinized, handled or critiqued by a White person is an indignity no sister should suffer.” (Sophia Sayers, Oct. 1995)

Monday, February 26, 2007

Tabhe Ros Jageo - Sikh Documentary on RSS

MUST WATCH for all sikhs!

Why is our struggle limited to ourselves? Why are we overall so self-centered?

Over twenty years ago one of the worst calamities in modern times to befall the Sikh nation occurred as a two part miniseries of bloodshed and violence. Our fathers were beaten, our sons were murdered, our mothers and sisters were raped. Our Gurdwaras were invaded, our history was burnt and an attempt was made to annihilate.

For over two long decades we’ve been speaking with zeal and passion about those days and the need to recognize our responsibility towards our nation. But, what are we doing about our responsibility here? What about the cause of disenfranchised African American youth trapped in urban ghettos?

Why don’t we see Sikhs standing in solidarity in droves with similar causes for others who have been raped and beaten? Why aren’t we standing with the cause of the Palestinians?

When Banda Bahadur led his charge through Punjab and handed the land back to those who tilled the soil was his concern only the Sikhs or was it the populace in general that needed to be re-invigorated?

We’ve all listened to albums like shaheedi; how many of us have heard Meen Erhabe ( Don’t worry it has subtitles.

When the Guru walked this earth, people from all sorts of communities came to fight for his cause and back then we seemed more than willing to return the favor. Pir Budhoo Shah volunteered his life, those of his 4 sons and those of 400 of his followers to fight in Guru Gobind Singh’s fauj. Gur Nanak in Babbar Bani addresses the plight of Muslim and Hindu women upon the advent of Babbar’s raiding forces in Punjab. We picked up arms to fight against the kidnapping of Hindu women from their homes. When Guru Arjan Patshah was about to be executed a Muslim Pir, his friend, attempted to intervene. When the chotte Sahibzade were about to be martyred, the Nawab of Maler Kotla tried to step in. For this reason, when Banda Bahadur went through Punjab exacting a toll for the crimes of the state against its own people, Maler Kotla was spared.

So what happened to us since? Why is our struggle limited to ourselves? Why are we overall so self-centered?

-Surat Yaar

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Will You Be My Lover?

I close my eyes and remember a time
When there it lay, it lay
Unopened, unlocked, too good to be true
In my bed, there it lay
In my hands, there it lay
In my soul, there it lay
The perfect Love for which I endlessly prayed
Sweet, beautiful, ever so elegant, there it lay

In a sea of roses we once played
Mountains of gold, we saw pass away
Rolling down this valley, we were
We were so lost, lost in lovable embrace

And just like it came
It started to roll away
Maybe it wasn't meant to be
Just like any joy ride,
Following joy is always misery

And so I inevitably, unforgivably
Hit a bump, and we began to drift
I lied, and I cheated
And what was once so perfect
From my hands started to slip
On a slippery slope of fate, it slid

Through sad eyes, and painful tears I see
In the arms of cunning mistresses, I’ve laid
In the beds of temptress beauties, I’ve laid
I’ve crossed all lines of what's moral
I’ve been in bed with devil's bouquet
Something in me yet dares to say
Will you still be my lover?

Now, having seen beauties of all array
I am forced to fall on my feet
Hang my head down in dismay
How could I have strayed?
Nothing more so perfect, had there lay
O there it had so elegantly lay

In rivers of shame has my soul bathe
Have come out cleansed, no longer desire's prey
Had I not continuously failed, would I?
Realize the perfection in our lovable embrace

Wanting to show you I’ve fixed my ways
Realized how perfect you are; I was devil's prey
Love for you flowing through my veins
I beg on my knees and say
Will you be my lover?

- Sevak -

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rains of Disguise

and so they dance
in their ignorance
so they dance

like dogs smelling
they smell others
all are hunting for good
all are hunting for bad
and keep smelling, smelling
like dogs smelling
in the process
losing their sense of smell for life
stenching like an imposturing loyal wife

and so they dance
in their ignorance
so they dance

this world is dancing
my mind is running wild
in a forest of water
and an ocean of fire

in an incomprehensive state
i laugh
like a mad man laugh

and i dance with them
o and i dance with them
like riding a merry-go-round
they are the horse
im the rider
the horse goes in circles
i like a fool
riding the lies

and so we dance
in this rain of disguise
so we dance

- Sevak -

Immortal Shaheedi 5!

Wassup Fam.

For everyone that Keeps up with GNE news, Just wanted to Let you all know that the GNE crew is Contributing a Track on the upcoming Album, Immortal Shaheedi 5.

The Album is Set for release in April on the day of Vaisakhi. Put together by the Good Folks at Immortal Productions and featuring bigger names like Tigerstyle, XS-Bass and Jagowale, Immortal Shaheedi has been keepin the couldron of Sikhi alive through music that remembers our past, recognizes our present and makes our future. GNE is honored to have this opportunity.

The track itseld is called "State Of the Union" featuring AK-Sentali, Da GodFather, and SaintSoulja. So Do keep yourself updated on the blog for further updates. Also Keep up with their website, for further updates on the CD and possible samples.

Remember to BUY and not BURN!



Thursday, February 15, 2007

Be My Valentine

Yea, I search for you my valentine... the one that has eluded me for so long...
I search in vain but shall fall short of bieng graced and comforted in your warmth...
When will I see and be able to penetrate your impregnable status...
Will I ever live to appreciate the struggle I have endured to only have a glimpse
My brothers and sisters have forsaken all just to ensure you become a reality
Family and friends are words forgotten by the warriors who so chose you as thier companion
Grindin day in and day out and still unable to formulate and cement your existence
Yea I search for you my valentine, and shall til my breaths cease
For you, my koum, my nation, MY valentine are devoid of commercialization
And are the reason I am and my heart beats

Da GodFather

Friday, February 2, 2007



As the days go by
And I continue to fail
My mind makes excuses
But now to no avail
For I know what I am
Something I can no longer veil
Too long has my soul suffered
Endless nights of prolonged wails
Screaming for love
Screaming for care

I must ask my mind
As I sit in this chair
Why do you think
That you are something rare?
Why do you continue
With this knotted hair?
Why do you live
A life filled with dares?
Why do you dream
To affect world affairs?
Why do you write
When you are nothing fair?

As I sit here and keep reflecting on my life
Questions, questions, and more questions come to mind
How easy it would be to just take a knife
One perfect stab and leave everything behind
How easy to justify when mind feels in strife
And never realize how much you are blind
Never see how much your life is rife
Rife with blessings of every single kind

Blessed with two eyes
Blessed with two feet
Blessed with this body
What else could I possibly need?
The more I reflect
The more I come to believe
That even though I meditate
My mind has yet to be set free

My mind has been trapped
With this endless game
That runs in a circle
Till it has been tamed
But to tame this thing
Is like taming a flame
Have to carefully handle it
Could bring a life of fame or a life of shame
It’s all about how I hunt
This game; and look carefully where I aim
It is so clever it could get me maimed
Because it resides with in me and without me
It has the capability to set me aflame
Sounds crazy doesn't it? Or even lame
But trust me playing this game
Is like being inside a frame
It easy to look without
Harder to look within
And see that for all this chaos
In your life; noone but you are to blame

So I must continue to sit, sit and meditate
Slowly slowly to a higher level make my mind levitate
Meditate on the questions that began this inner quest
And answer the questions with a zealous zest

I must conquer my mind
If I am to become something rare
I must conquer my mind
If I wish to face dares
I must conquer my mind
If I want to affect world affairs
I must conquer my mind
If I am to write or be anything fair
I must conquer my mind
If I am to be a Sikh and keep this knotted hair
I must conquer my mind
Because the One I Love doesn't want my flair
The One I Love wants me to be meritorious of my Prayer

- Sevak -

Monday, January 29, 2007

Latest News!

Wassup People,

Just a quick update, This Weekend, GNE will be gettin together to Record a Single for the folks at Immortal Productions to be put on the Coming Immortal Shaheedi 5. We also Might, if we have enough time, record the Sample Track in the studio. So that u guys dont have to listen to the ghetto version anymore. Everyone in the group is looking forward to this weekend. and hopefully all goes well...and soon enough, you guys will have something TITEEE to listen to.

aite till then.



Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Puppet's Plea

another piece I wrote yesterday, much different from my last one as you can see lol =D

A Puppet's Plea

You are the all powerful puppeteer
I am the unfinished, aging puppet
Fix me!
I beg of you my master; fix me to your liking
I yearn to be real, I yearn to be full
I hear your melody
I see your beauty
My master, I have no feet
Please cleanse me of this rust
Make me complete
Fill me with your magnificence
So I may dance to your melody
Fill me with your love
So I may see you all around me
Grace me
Beloved master, please Grace me with your touch
Because nothing would be so sweet
So as to dance to rhythm of your beat
You are the epitome of beauty
You are the epitome of magnificence
Your love, unparalleled
Your greatness, immeasurable
I just wish to be your puppet
Make dance me as you please
The feet are yours
The eyes are yours
The body is yours
The earth beneath is yours
All is you, nothing mine
Complete me! Complete me, O my Master! Complete me
This is your unfinished puppet's sincere plea

- Sevak Singh

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Yo, GNE is Looking for a Studio In either the MD/DC/VA Area or the Philly Area.

If you Own one or know of One, please let us know ASAP.

Preffered Date for recording for us is Feb. 3rd!

any help is appreciated

contact me at if u can help!



GNE Surat 2007 Open Mic Night - SaintSoulja Set 1

SaintSoulja Spittin Knowledge!

GNE Surat 2007 Open Mic Night - SaintSoulja Set 2

SaintSoulja Gets the Last Word...

GNE Surat 2007 Open Mic Night - Mastana Set 2

Mastana's Second Take At the Mic.

GNE Surat 2007 Open Mic Night - Mastana Set 1

Mastana's First Take at the Mic.

GNE Surat 2007 Open Mic Night - Sartaj Singh

Yo Boy Sartaj Singh (Taj) From Florida Enlightenin the folks with some knowledge!

GNE at Surat 2007 LIVE!

Hey Guys The Videos are Finally Up from the Open Mic Night at Surat 2007!

check em out! the links are as follows..... ( Sartaj Singh) (Mastana Set1) (Mastana Set2) (SaintSoulja Set 1) (SaintSoulja Set 2)

enjoy! oh and leave feedback and comments if u wish!



What a Lady!

aite so, im on the train as usual at 9 in the morning....on my way to work...
and late, as usual.....

just sittin there, writin some rhymes in my head, chillin, kinda sleepy....and im about a stop before my stop.....and this black lady comes up to me, leans in, and says...

"Can i Shake your hand?"..... So im kinda confused at this point but i lend her my hand

we hold a firm handshake for a little bit. (a big confused smile on my face).....

at this point i have no idea whats goin on, or what to say, and then she says again...

" I just wanted to shake your hand".....and so i finally said... "why is that?" (with a big smile on my face)

and she goes, " i know all these people prolly think when you step in the train, that he gonna blow this shit up or somethin, but i know.....this world is sad.....its just how it is, so i just wanted to shake your hand"

so i said to her, " well thank you, appreciate it."

at this point it was both our stops and we were gettin out....she went left, i went right......

and that was it. But the lady lightened up my day alot more. she kinda reminded me of my middle school teacher, Mrs. Wilson, ahh i loved Mrs. Wilson.....

wish i had more time to talk to this lady though.....that was very sweet of her.

thank you Lady in the brown!


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Damn and this is my Homeland?

Yo man after a month long tour of my homeland, my nation, my dirt, I realize that this is definately not my country. Definately not a place in which my people, my koum can breathe the breath of freedom and continue thier existence with dignity.

Everywhere you look not only is the stench and clutter of trash so evident but rather more painful is the stench of humanity, the foul fragrance emitted by the residents' approach to life and the filthy lifestyle persued. And damn these are "my people"?

Lies, deciet, betrayal, lewdness, despair, seems like a bad hindi movie plot. But on the contrary these words were realized by yours truly Da GodFather. Damn this place needs a baptism, urgently.

Man on the opposite of Chardhi Kala, I heard and saw Thendi Kala (downwards spirits).
"Man this is how it is here," "This is how it goes". This is all I heard when I screamed in response to the conditions I saw. Nigga, jigga, playa, kid, son, whatever u callin urself... It is this way cuz u let it be this way.

Conditions dont arise from nowhere, but are allowed to surface. And I will be damned if I am one of those that "allow" these conditions to continue and wither away at my land.

But a sense of hope... the youth although engrossed in drugs, because of the systemic eradication techniques of the indian nation and the joblessness that permeates throughout, still have a yearning for something better. Still have that respect for the great general of the panth, the one that awoke the koum, the heartbeat for the youths, Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindrawale.

What do we do? Where do we go. Questions posed by many, but GNE shall step in. Provide true unadultarated lyrics and song. Endeavor to spark the spirit of revolution and empower our land, our home, our people. And this is a minor synopsis of the situation at hand.

Badshah Ya Baghi

King or Revolutionary --- I dont see slave written anywhere? do u kid?

Da GodFather

Thursday, January 18, 2007


a piece I wrote a lil while ago...


every day a new baby dies
every day a mother cries
every day bombs shell away
every day governments betray

every day people live with hope and pray
every day military delivers white bouquets
every day new promises are made
every day street folk begging for aid

every day slept in comfortable beds
every day victimized souls slept in sheds
every day driving hip cars
every day innocent persons behind bars

every day salute the flag's stars
every day on the flag a new scar
every day we spend sitting around
every day innocent civilians shot down

every day people are dying
every day there is a new crime
every day tragedy's got a new name
every day people dying in its game

every day, every day, every fucking day
i can't fall asleep, cuz my soul feels prey
no i aint paranoid, nor am i turnin gray
becomming inactive and apathetic
is of what im afraid

im afraid cuz people with apathy
are this planet's biggest disease
while people are murdered, they sit like trees
atleast a tree is there giving life
they just sit still, watching people go through strife
don't know what kinda cold heart they got within
but givin birth to them is a mother's biggest sin

i don't understand how these people sit and watch
go to bed thinkin nothing of what they saw
i wanna hurl at thought of injustice they help commit
by being apathetic and silence's little bitch
God gave you a brain and a mouth with an intent
quit sitting there quietly with yo ass bent
get up and use your intellect, its a God-given present
don't waste it like you do every other cent

can't believe you can sit there watching crimes
gettin pleasure watching babies murdered and mothers crying
fuckin jackin off to sistas gettin raped and dying
if it was up to me, for all your apathetic crimes
i would shoot yo ass point blank,
to God's court send you flying

yeah people with apathy
are this planet's biggest disease
cuz every day innocent people are killed
and government acts of genocide fulfilled
while people sit there on their asses thrilled
to them it has become entertaining tv drama
tell me how much would you enjoy,
if gettin raped was yo momma
now i know you ready to pull out yo shotty
why the fuck am i dissin yo mommy
but before you do that,
tell my why you murdering God's beauty
by not speaking against injustice
and homicidin with apathy

-Sevak Singh

Monday, January 15, 2007

Surat 2007

Wassup everyone.

First Of all just wanna take this chance to thank everyone thats supporting the GNE movement and cause, and helpin us by joinin the group, engaging in discussion, providing feedback and just spreading the message. Much Love to all you guys and girls. thanks.

Ok so, this weekend other than celebrating the eagles loss and my housemates' 21st birthday....Me and SuratYaar took a little trip to the SUrat SIkh Conference in NY on Sunday NIght.
We basically rolled to the Open Mic Night, so we can spread some GNE talent to our fellow brothers and sisters.

SO, we got there...and all i have to say is WOWWW....the talent there, present in that room that night, was Outstanding....AMAZING talent! Heard from a Sista by the name of Lakhpreet Kaur, and she just Blew away the audience.....Also had buncha comedians, Amar Bhalla and His Wife Delhi(i think thas how u spell it). Narinder Singh, and a few more singhs.

All in All, it was a great night/early morning.....everything from the talent to the inspiration to the snacks to the laughs to the jokes to the insomnia....ahhaha....everything was A-1 quality....

again, much love to everyone that was at the conference...and a special thanks to the organizers for givin us the opportunity...



Thursday, January 11, 2007

I Guess we have 379,000,000,000 to spare....

the smartest thing bush has ever said.....
"Where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me,"

Well, last night the President Bush and his administration ordered the deployment of more than 20,000 troops into Iraq in an attempt to "complete unfinished business". And Robert Gates suggests that president bush do a total increase in the two services of 92,000 soldiers and Marines over the next five years.

your thoughts......please feel free to start commenting...

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Not Happy.....

This world is seriously disgusting.....

i was just readin up on some news, when i find out that these damn people are YET AGAIN, exposing the SHit out of someones death. A week or so after Sadam Hussien's execution, yet another video has been released on the internet. this one, has people going into the mortuary, and videotaping his dead body. I mean for god sakes! Was it not enough that we got to see him get hung from his neck and wach him lay dead?!?!

it seriously disgusts me to see this kinda shit on tv or over the internet. And even if a video DID leak f**kin stupid is CNN to put up a damn article JUst on that video....And to provide you with the LINK?!! cmon mann.......

this place is retarded.....
im gonna go write...


Friday, January 5, 2007

Happy Gurpurab!

Yo, Fist Of all, A Very Happy Gurpurab To everyone out there!

ahhhh yes, the birth-day of one of the Most Revolutionary people to ever step onto this world...and leave his mark like none other.
The one we know as OOGS ( the Original Gangsta Guru Gobind)....ahahah

but on a serious note, to say the least about Guru Gobind Singh he " infused the spirit of both sainthood and solider in the minds and hearts of his followers to fight oppression in order to restore justice, peace, righteousness (Dharma) and to uplift the down-trodden people in this world. It is said that after the martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur, the tenth Master declared that he would create such a Panth (Sect) which challenge the tyrant rulers in every walk of life to restore justice, equality and peace for all of mankind."

So with that being said, It is up to US (me, you, your frends, this youth, etc).
It is up to US to BE that Panth that challenges today's world in every walk of life to restore justice, equality, and peace for all ok mankind. It is up to YOU and ME to be that Khalsa Panth....Im sick and tired of hearin lame excuses and lame explanations on why people can't be as great of a revolutionary as Guru Gobind Singh. The Guru himself says,
"Mann Tu Jot Saroop Hay, Apnaa Mool Pachaan"
O my mind, YOU ARE Divine, realize your potential

So with that being said, i'll leave you guys with my take....

revolution and realization is somethin we all lack,
the ammo was provided, need YOU to be the gat
and you aint gangsta just cause of the gun in your back
Illusions are a drug, yall f**ke*s addicted to crack.

But dont downplay yoself, all man is created equal
remember that the 10th guru left the power to his people
and he called us SAINTSOLDIERS, cause our MINDS are lethal
I read my peoples history, and im waitin on the sequel

YOU are history in the making, be the diamond in the dirt!
Divinty is inside you, REALIZE what your worth
And nothin comes easy, it takes alotta work
But remember that a Sikh is MADE, got nothin to do with Birth.........

- SaintSoulja

Happy Gurpurab from the Whole G.N.E. team!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


This is a Public Service Announcement from the Folks at G.N.E.

Just wanted to put the word out there, that G.N.E. in a search for some folks in the music industry to help us out...

We are now looking for the following professionals/amateurs/or experienced individuals

- Sound Technician
- Sound Engineer
- Producer
- Promoter
- and anyone that has a studio

obviously guys, all of the work here in non-profitable....and it'd be nice if we can find these people on the east coast.

One important thing we are looking for is producers, We're going to take the iniative to use original instrumentals, just because it makes the music more genuine. So we're looking for somebody that can make some kick ass instrumentals for us....we're gonna try and make sure the album has ALOT of variation, so that you guys dont get bored of one genre.....So, somebody who is very open-minded and willin to work with different kinds of music.....DO expect alot of punjabi and hip hop fusion.

We are Also lookin for a choir for one of our tracks....So if you're in a choir, and would be willing to help out, let me know.....

Contact SaintSoulja at if you are interested in helping out with any of those tasks.

Also contact SaintSoulja if you are interested in helping out financially. We are looking for people to sponsor certain expenses for this project. A list of that will be available soon upon request.

I think thats about it for now....

thanks again,

much love,


Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Mastana Goes Acapella 2!

Yo boy Mastana goes acapella at the Remember 84 Candle Light Vigil in College Park, MD. big ups