Wednesday, February 20, 2008

UnInvited by SaintSoulja (G.N.E.)

[Verse One]

They stormed the village where we used to live,
shot my pops, so we had to split
runnin' barefoot we began to sprint
ran for the hills, as ran through the sand

before we knew it, we'd reach a place
refugee camp with an orphanage.
lost boys, we grew up as kids
no parents around none of that proper shiiiii

but we still made fam. that was close to us
brothers I made that I knew i could trust.
had a white lady that would come for us
kept our future closed in her purse.

they had a gimmick that was made for us,
before it got too danger-ous.
every few months she'd come and stare at us,
to find a few she would make into ameri-cuns.

[Verse two]

Got a plane ticket, got a place to live
shared the crib with a buncha new friends
got new clothes, and i got with the trend
i waited my whole life for the shi* to end

four months in, things began to change
people don't even seem to act the same
actin strange to the shade of my skin
i can't even afford to pay the rent.

The shi* im in, ain't what it seemed to be
the free world no longer seems to be free
got a job workin at the factory
i wonder exactly what he got planned for me.

Pressure back home, they all mad at me
what you call a lot, ain't a lot to me
so i work like a slave to leave the slums
why am i back to where i came from?

- SaintSoulja

p.s. this is a new piece im working on, produced by Kulwinder Thandi (Kuee) from Block Suppliers Prod. This is another double-time track, but its much deeper this time around. Wait for it to be recorded i guess.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Enlighten your Community!

I love coming across things like this, they really are a proof that someone out there does care, and that someone out there is doing something to help us out. I think SALDEF has done an incredible job with this video, and keep doing things that are vital to our Diaspora Nation.
Check out this video produced by SALDEF, (i think i know almost everyone in the video) and spread the word about it. Get it to your local police station, get it to your local security agency, or any other law enforcement agency.

Peace be with you.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

True Love by SaintSoulja (G.N.E.)

Yo wassup people. Here's a piece I JUST wrote, so it's still rough. But, COINCIDENTALLY it was written on Valentine's Day. (oh boohoo)
I actually been trying to write this piece for like a week or so now, and it just wasn't coming out of my system. I wanna give a shoutout to my little brother Gursimar Singh aka MC G-Singh for working with me on this one. I hope you post up your piece very soon bro. Check that out when it's up too. Mad props!
Anywho, with no further a due. Here's True Love by SaintSoulja

True Love By SaintSoulja (G.N.E.)

[Verse One] SaintSoulja

As i sit here, I reminise on a thought
stare at the scars from the last battle that i fought
caught in between two very different worlds
then I think abt the past and what i did to that girl

She a pretty chick
pretty hips with them pretty lips
she got a style that i seem to kinda dig
plus her daddy's pocket's are kinda big
i wonder if she ever gonna give game to this kid

i lust for her touch. she must be mine.
rush through the trust. she got that smile
i got that time. when a girl's THAT fine
ill wine and dine. till i hit it from behind

But i chose to propose. I do it for the folks
Got her a ring, complimented with a rose
I hope she accepts. I hope her daddy like me.
Cant wait to make this broad my wifey (MUAHAHAH) Evil Laugh

[Hook] x 2

As the end is near, I find where it began
The lust for a woman, her love for a man
Soulmates. That only God can defend
True love has no happy endings. Cause it never ends.

[Verse two] SaintSoulja

I spend my nights/ alone in my bed
Still cant forget, all the things that she said
thoughts run wild, im cold in my head
somethin's wrong with the girl that i wed

All the chasin, im startin to dread
wipin away fantasies of the lady in red
damn! im fed up this shit!
sometimes i just wish she was dead

No i dont. I cant. She's still my wife
even though she got another man in her life
she dont lie. It's not like she cheated
she loved him way before I "one knee'd it"

but i dont need it. its not like i love her
shes got a soulmate, her secret lover
it was whatever, till i heard that day.
her knight came to town, and ran my woman away

[Hook] x 2

As the end is near, I find where it began
The lust for a woman, her love for a man
Soulmates. That only God can defend
True love has no happy endings. Cause it never ends.

[Verse Three] SaintSoulja

I couldnt find the heard/ to go to the wedding
But i heard about the vicious setting
a devilish act, disturbin the peace
uncle poisoned the food, and fed it to his niece

Cease. The moment. when it seems abstract
The match made in heaven, finally met its match
true love lives forever, but the bodies dettach
they died together, and the scene fades to black

I come back/ to where i sit at the moment
alone in the death bed, with no one go with
no reason for me to be actin all heroic
if life's a game, then i guess I'll forefit

Regret on my mind, as i close my eyes
envy in my heart, as i see the light
but it feels right. its where i belong
i die alone right after this song...

[Hook] x 2

As the end is near, I find where it began
The lust for a woman, her love for a man
Soulmates. That only God can defend
True love has no happy endings. Cause it never ends.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Untitled 02/11/08

there is no I in team, but theres an I in Sikh
its sick. sick, what we'll do for an ego trip
go to sikh camps and act like some pimpin shit
preach this preach that, but act like a whimp
is all good cuz i fed my ego on some bullshit
on sunday told my homies i was a gursikh
on monday drank some whisky n let my soul slip
its funny ain't it
these acts, the masks, the whole fuckin play
its like shakespeare, except we diggin our own graves
if there were enough grammys for this sikh stage
every turban headed guy would be a john wayne
so go ahead, put on a turban, join the masquerade
come and play this game of fake love and charades,
sing 'em shabads, put on a hypocritical display
the masters of our own disaster, our soul is an ashtray

- Sevak -

True Love

True Love by SaintSoulja

[Verse One]

As I stand in this field, I find myself alone
Sweat drippin down my dome, tight grippin on my chrome
Lost at my cause, and im startin to miss home
How do people survive the aftermath of a warzone?

Roam the streets, of this. third world
Find things that remind me of baby girl.
4 months old, couldn’t be at the birth.
Sent me a picture with a letter, for what it’s worth.

I watch the rebels and mates pass away every day
Innocent people get caught by bullets that are a stray
What a way to live, I hope God can forgive
My sins, or give me death, cause “you get what you give”

When the end is near, I think about the creation
Realizations. As I’m fightin for this nation
What seemed like love at first, is now infatuation
I hope for changes in the next generation.

[Hook] x 2

True Love. Will always last forever.
Strong Enough. To keep us together
I gave my heart, my soul and mind to you
If I had to, I would die for you.

[Verse Two]

They say if you don’t stand for nothin, then you’ll fall for anything
My people aint got legs, they fall for everything
Infestations from the west, the drugs and the bling.
Keep my ears open as I wait for freedom to ring

They call us dogs, cause we kill with no cover
My soldiers are purple hearted, they fight with valor
This is the army, of a higher power
Revolution. Makes lions outta cowards

Im a rebel to this world, and I fight with a cause
And if I lose my swords, then immo fight with my paws
And if I lose my hands, then immo fight with my jaw
Fight with the law, as long as I fight whats wrong.

As the end is near, I think about the creation
Realizations, as im fightin for this nation
What was infatuation, now turned into love
I hope the next generation, knows the price of my blood

[Hook] x2

True Love. Will always last forever.
Strong Enough. To keep us together
I gave my heart, my soul and mind to you
If I had to, I would die for you.

[Verse Three]

The night turned black, as we stuck in this combat
Rebel forces infiltrate us through the wall cracks
There’s no turning back, so we all shootin back
Reload the m-16 and wach it go TAT TAT!

They stormed our village in the middle of the night
I pulled out my steel, and put up a fight
The last stand of a man, the same as a lover
Hopin my baby’s safe along with her mother

The smoke filled the room, had no clue what to do
Lost sight and hearin, but I could still envision you
Bullets sprayed, who cares who they engraved
I take my last breath, and say my last prayer

As we came to the end, we thought about the creation
Realizations, as we fight for this nation
What we call infatuation, turned to be love
I hope everyone understands the price of his blood

[Hook] x 2

True Love. Will always last forever.
Strong Enough. To keep us together
I gave my heart, my soul and mind to you
If I had to, I would die for you.

PostScript: Don't even try to steal any of my shit man!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Vote for SaintSoulja!

Alright, for those of you that actually do read this blog on a regular basis (i dont know why?)
I'm sorry for not have been posting lately, i got reallyyy busy with school these past two weeks. I just got done with exams, so now I can get back to work.

Anywho, this is one of the first things this weekend.

I was going through facebook and stuff a couple days back and saw that the Kray Twinz were having a Spit Your Best Verse Competition. Now for those of you that haven't heard of the Kray Twinz before, I would suggest you google them. But they are two Sikh twin brothers who are producers in the U.K. They are pretty well known in England and have worked with a few big names like Twista, DMX, Elephant Man, and I think Busta Rhymes as well.

The Kray Twinz recently got together with a new talent by the name of "Vee", also from the UK. Vee is known to be what is now being called a "Rapsinger". This guy is really talented, from what I have seen. He can rap (without the English accent) and then switch it up and Sing like a Soul artist. He is truly talented, he's got an amazing voice, incredible skills on the mic, and he really knows what he's doin.

Anyways. So......The Kray Twinz are producing the newest Mixtape by Vee labeled "Mr. RapSinger", and they are giving one individual the opportunity to collaborate with them for a track on the Mixtape. So I thought, hey why not?

So, here's my entry for the Contest. You can find more info about the contest at
Who Is Mr. RapSinger Contest

Go to the page and comment on my entry so I can win! =)

Also, outta respect for my Little bro from Dallas, go check out his entry as well. "MC G-Singh aka Gursimar Singh" from Dallas, TX

Monday, February 4, 2008

Meet Mr. Sonny Caberwal

Alright, some of us have been to the big billboard and taken pictures, most of have seen those pictures, and almost all of us have heard about "The Kenneth Cole Sardar".

If you haven't gotten to HEAR from this young individual and here's your chance. Here is the interview video of Mr. Sonny Caberwal, the Sikh model from Kenneth Cole. I think in this video he does an amazing job of enlightening the masses about who/what a Sikh is, what our role in society is, and what hardships we have been through in the recent past. Much Props to this brotha, I hope you keep up the good work, and I hope we see you more often. Respect!


Perseverance is the word of the day.

Dictionary Definition: steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

Perseverance to me, is never giving up. There are a lot times in life, when we feel like we're not good enough, or we feel that we are not suited for the situation or the feeling that "maybe this just isn't me". But, I think those moments are the defining moments of our life. Because it is THEN, that we realize that yeah it is hard, and there are a lot of difficult obstacles in the way, and yeah no matter how hard I try, there's always someone there to try and bring you down, BUT, no matter what happens, I have to keep trying, I have to keep fighting and I will NOT quit.
I can admit I've had those moments in my life, and I still do. But those are the times when I realize that if I really do want it that bad, then I have to keep the struggle alive and I have to keep my head up.

Lynn Davies once said. "It's perseverance that's the key. It's persevering for long enough to achieve your potential."

Guru Granth Sahib also says "mann tu jot saroop hai, apna mool pachaan"
Meaning, "Oh mind, you are Divine, realize your potential".

Always remember that no matter how tough it gets, or how bad the situation is, if you persevere for long enough, you WILL make it through, you WILL survive and if its something you really want to achieve and work hard enough for it, you WILL succeed. And that's the word.

So with that being said, Congratulations to the New York Giants, Champions of the NFL SUPERBOWL 42 for Persevering through the hard times, getting through the obstacles, and realizing your potential. As a Washington Redskins fan, I commend you on your victory, a job well done.

(shoutout to my boy Suchi (and bhabi) for throwin a kickass Superbowl Party at his spot, Much Love)

Anywho, I now give you the Sickest Play of the night

Peace and Perseverance

Saturday, February 2, 2008


By Akshay Ullal

Nine months in her womb, I coulda been a tomb,
Instead momma gave me her breaths and all her food
I made it out alive, only to witness with my own eyes
the way men act, just so they can stand with pride.
We get our legs from momma,
Cold world got heated up, just like a sauna.
One glance at momma's eyes showed me a world of hope.
So I grabbed it with my hands, and loosened up the rope.
Showed me. The sanctity of a lady.
Forgave me in the hot city and took me a shady place.
where I could see everything so clear.
Took me to her chest, she knew that grown men hate to tear.
I knew that day, she gave me more than smile and love
Felt I she was an angel sent from above.
Know that God gave em strength, just smaller frames to carry
so throw your ego, not our women down to the ground.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Muhammed Walks

First and foremost, if you must know. I love Lupe Fiasco with a passion. He is definitely one of my main influences. Just everything about his swag (short for swagger meaning style), his content, his flow, and his approach to songs is incredibly genius.

I have been listening to Lupe since "Food and Liquor" and so for those of you joining him after the hit single "Superstar", you gotta make sure you go cop a copy of "food and Liquor" it is definitely worth having (amazing album).

Anywho, I thought I'd garnish this blog with yet another video from my "personal favorites" archive. This is Lupe Fiasco with "Muhammed Walks" parody to "Jesus Walks" by Kanye West (also a very brilliant and amazing track), this is not on any of his albums (i dont think), It's either just a random release or from a mixtape or something.

But check it out. It's fire!