Monday, February 26, 2007

Tabhe Ros Jageo - Sikh Documentary on RSS

MUST WATCH for all sikhs!

Why is our struggle limited to ourselves? Why are we overall so self-centered?

Over twenty years ago one of the worst calamities in modern times to befall the Sikh nation occurred as a two part miniseries of bloodshed and violence. Our fathers were beaten, our sons were murdered, our mothers and sisters were raped. Our Gurdwaras were invaded, our history was burnt and an attempt was made to annihilate.

For over two long decades we’ve been speaking with zeal and passion about those days and the need to recognize our responsibility towards our nation. But, what are we doing about our responsibility here? What about the cause of disenfranchised African American youth trapped in urban ghettos?

Why don’t we see Sikhs standing in solidarity in droves with similar causes for others who have been raped and beaten? Why aren’t we standing with the cause of the Palestinians?

When Banda Bahadur led his charge through Punjab and handed the land back to those who tilled the soil was his concern only the Sikhs or was it the populace in general that needed to be re-invigorated?

We’ve all listened to albums like shaheedi; how many of us have heard Meen Erhabe ( Don’t worry it has subtitles.

When the Guru walked this earth, people from all sorts of communities came to fight for his cause and back then we seemed more than willing to return the favor. Pir Budhoo Shah volunteered his life, those of his 4 sons and those of 400 of his followers to fight in Guru Gobind Singh’s fauj. Gur Nanak in Babbar Bani addresses the plight of Muslim and Hindu women upon the advent of Babbar’s raiding forces in Punjab. We picked up arms to fight against the kidnapping of Hindu women from their homes. When Guru Arjan Patshah was about to be executed a Muslim Pir, his friend, attempted to intervene. When the chotte Sahibzade were about to be martyred, the Nawab of Maler Kotla tried to step in. For this reason, when Banda Bahadur went through Punjab exacting a toll for the crimes of the state against its own people, Maler Kotla was spared.

So what happened to us since? Why is our struggle limited to ourselves? Why are we overall so self-centered?

-Surat Yaar

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Will You Be My Lover?

I close my eyes and remember a time
When there it lay, it lay
Unopened, unlocked, too good to be true
In my bed, there it lay
In my hands, there it lay
In my soul, there it lay
The perfect Love for which I endlessly prayed
Sweet, beautiful, ever so elegant, there it lay

In a sea of roses we once played
Mountains of gold, we saw pass away
Rolling down this valley, we were
We were so lost, lost in lovable embrace

And just like it came
It started to roll away
Maybe it wasn't meant to be
Just like any joy ride,
Following joy is always misery

And so I inevitably, unforgivably
Hit a bump, and we began to drift
I lied, and I cheated
And what was once so perfect
From my hands started to slip
On a slippery slope of fate, it slid

Through sad eyes, and painful tears I see
In the arms of cunning mistresses, I’ve laid
In the beds of temptress beauties, I’ve laid
I’ve crossed all lines of what's moral
I’ve been in bed with devil's bouquet
Something in me yet dares to say
Will you still be my lover?

Now, having seen beauties of all array
I am forced to fall on my feet
Hang my head down in dismay
How could I have strayed?
Nothing more so perfect, had there lay
O there it had so elegantly lay

In rivers of shame has my soul bathe
Have come out cleansed, no longer desire's prey
Had I not continuously failed, would I?
Realize the perfection in our lovable embrace

Wanting to show you I’ve fixed my ways
Realized how perfect you are; I was devil's prey
Love for you flowing through my veins
I beg on my knees and say
Will you be my lover?

- Sevak -

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rains of Disguise

and so they dance
in their ignorance
so they dance

like dogs smelling
they smell others
all are hunting for good
all are hunting for bad
and keep smelling, smelling
like dogs smelling
in the process
losing their sense of smell for life
stenching like an imposturing loyal wife

and so they dance
in their ignorance
so they dance

this world is dancing
my mind is running wild
in a forest of water
and an ocean of fire

in an incomprehensive state
i laugh
like a mad man laugh

and i dance with them
o and i dance with them
like riding a merry-go-round
they are the horse
im the rider
the horse goes in circles
i like a fool
riding the lies

and so we dance
in this rain of disguise
so we dance

- Sevak -

Immortal Shaheedi 5!

Wassup Fam.

For everyone that Keeps up with GNE news, Just wanted to Let you all know that the GNE crew is Contributing a Track on the upcoming Album, Immortal Shaheedi 5.

The Album is Set for release in April on the day of Vaisakhi. Put together by the Good Folks at Immortal Productions and featuring bigger names like Tigerstyle, XS-Bass and Jagowale, Immortal Shaheedi has been keepin the couldron of Sikhi alive through music that remembers our past, recognizes our present and makes our future. GNE is honored to have this opportunity.

The track itseld is called "State Of the Union" featuring AK-Sentali, Da GodFather, and SaintSoulja. So Do keep yourself updated on the blog for further updates. Also Keep up with their website, for further updates on the CD and possible samples.

Remember to BUY and not BURN!



Thursday, February 15, 2007

Be My Valentine

Yea, I search for you my valentine... the one that has eluded me for so long...
I search in vain but shall fall short of bieng graced and comforted in your warmth...
When will I see and be able to penetrate your impregnable status...
Will I ever live to appreciate the struggle I have endured to only have a glimpse
My brothers and sisters have forsaken all just to ensure you become a reality
Family and friends are words forgotten by the warriors who so chose you as thier companion
Grindin day in and day out and still unable to formulate and cement your existence
Yea I search for you my valentine, and shall til my breaths cease
For you, my koum, my nation, MY valentine are devoid of commercialization
And are the reason I am and my heart beats

Da GodFather

Friday, February 2, 2007



As the days go by
And I continue to fail
My mind makes excuses
But now to no avail
For I know what I am
Something I can no longer veil
Too long has my soul suffered
Endless nights of prolonged wails
Screaming for love
Screaming for care

I must ask my mind
As I sit in this chair
Why do you think
That you are something rare?
Why do you continue
With this knotted hair?
Why do you live
A life filled with dares?
Why do you dream
To affect world affairs?
Why do you write
When you are nothing fair?

As I sit here and keep reflecting on my life
Questions, questions, and more questions come to mind
How easy it would be to just take a knife
One perfect stab and leave everything behind
How easy to justify when mind feels in strife
And never realize how much you are blind
Never see how much your life is rife
Rife with blessings of every single kind

Blessed with two eyes
Blessed with two feet
Blessed with this body
What else could I possibly need?
The more I reflect
The more I come to believe
That even though I meditate
My mind has yet to be set free

My mind has been trapped
With this endless game
That runs in a circle
Till it has been tamed
But to tame this thing
Is like taming a flame
Have to carefully handle it
Could bring a life of fame or a life of shame
It’s all about how I hunt
This game; and look carefully where I aim
It is so clever it could get me maimed
Because it resides with in me and without me
It has the capability to set me aflame
Sounds crazy doesn't it? Or even lame
But trust me playing this game
Is like being inside a frame
It easy to look without
Harder to look within
And see that for all this chaos
In your life; noone but you are to blame

So I must continue to sit, sit and meditate
Slowly slowly to a higher level make my mind levitate
Meditate on the questions that began this inner quest
And answer the questions with a zealous zest

I must conquer my mind
If I am to become something rare
I must conquer my mind
If I wish to face dares
I must conquer my mind
If I want to affect world affairs
I must conquer my mind
If I am to write or be anything fair
I must conquer my mind
If I am to be a Sikh and keep this knotted hair
I must conquer my mind
Because the One I Love doesn't want my flair
The One I Love wants me to be meritorious of my Prayer

- Sevak -