Saturday, September 6, 2008

She was there

This is dedicated to all the strong women out there..and to those that might just had enough of it..

She was on her way to college
Graduated high school tall and proud
One of those that the others had doubts about
Beautiful and proud she carried her self with pride
While her so called friends watched in spite
Jealous that she still maintains her identity
Cultured to the core her smile was reason to live for so many.

My friend - who called me 3 in the morning
Crying she wouldn’t tell me what it was
But needed to talk, came over..
I saw her hands bruised
Her soul still intact but body in much pain
She wouldn’t say much but that she had left home
The tears in her eyes told me something else
She then said her mother beat her and father did too
And they had some dude watch it all that and encourage it too
She had enough and ran away never wanting to go back
No money in her pocket, a tshirt and hoodie on her back
She said she was set never to go back

They say you don’t know what you got till it’s gone
But sometimes you don’t know what life could be
Till you step up and move the fuck on

We talked about life and shit, all night along
Hoping to comfort her but not much helped
Her eyes were talking she did not say much
I finally fell asleep while she was still watching tv
Woke up to find out, she was gone
Left me a note sunmit I cannot be a burden on you no more
I am not sure where I am off too
but I am sorry I am gone
I dint think it was true so I looked around
the house and outside too and she was fo real not there no more she just was gone…

I prayed and hoped she would be okay where ever she would be…Its been a few years now since she disappeared, her friends and family cried for a bit and then no one cared…!

Its been 10 years now and
I bumped into her yesterday
It was hard to tell it was still her today
I thought I would find her in rags and a bunch of kids
Instead she was still walking tall with her chin high
Working at the local deli she made her money
And lived with a roommate who was a druggie
She tried giving me the 20 bucks I gave her years ago
Put me to tears the look in her eyes
Beaten by her parents, rejected by her friends and family
She ran away with nothing on her back and 20 bucks in her hand
Today she sits in front on me with a smile on her face
1 in a million like her make it in this cold blooded place
The rest end up at the homeless shelters or prostitution centers
Abused by their relationships, Aids infected, cocaine addicted,
beaten to the core to the point where the soul speaks no more

and this end’s without any rhymes or sophisticated poetic ending’s cuz this is the story of the average girl who gets used and abused and left at home, unable to pick her self up she is in a state of mind I am unable to define. Millions of women around the world are a victim to abuse from their own families and the rest abused in their relationships weather its marriage or some other shit. But to all you women be careful who you open your hearts and souls to make sure he wont hurt you and if he hurts you twice it serves you right cuz even tough love believes in second changes being abused in a relationship time after time is not a chance you take! This might sound so extreme and all but if a man lay’s a hand on you again and again take a nine and shoot him in the head and before he closes his eyes tell him sunmit said fuck you too I am glad you dead.


I write, we write
Our feelings on paper

Sing our hearts out in the shower
Spending time alone never felt better

Criticize the world and its needs
Failed to look inside of us and our deeds

Freedom to think we give up
And keep an open ear to “trend”
Forget the old and make new friends

Love we buy on Valentines Day
Relationships we loose like
Pennies from an ash tray

Criticize me all you want
I am not having a bad day

I am like a thought that
just stays in your head

never leave the base,
I just stay in your place

when you try to kick me out, your head hurts
and if I leave you might need some Aleve

so keep me in your thoughts
for tomorrow I might not live

and when I am gone the only thing
I will leave behind was the idea that
never look back and stay strong!

- Mastana -

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


dont say we didn't tell you so
here is the message, here it goes

this is not a manifest destiny
this is your date with fate
where for every evil action
there is a heavy slate
you tried to take us to our deaths
we still here fightin with every breath
an apology is far too late
you can't change what is to be your fate
you came and attacked us at our heart
be ready for yours to be ripped apart

you're nothing new to us
just a fancy new fool
with a fancy new sword
better count up your fortunes
for every death there is a toll
you took us to our death
we'll take you to yours
make you pay for the toll
offering change is of help no more

the spirit of a warrior
you can never kill
we are born to the highest king
and to the gods we die
our spirit you can never kill
its colored with the divine dye
we are the masters of our own destiny
no oppresor before you got away clean
don't think you'll be different or unique
your life will end the same as theirs
destroyed and lost into the winds of history

- Sevak -

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 23rd at 2am

sometimes, its these moments in my eyes
gazing up towards the empty sky
wondering if you're there or if you're shy?
i know you're there, come out and say hi

your love is like a butterfly
it stings like a bee
seeing you walk away
hurts more than I can bleed

i look and see there you are
staring back at me
through a window, through a tree
through a mirror, through a breeze
wherever you are
i can feel you breathe
breathing, sitting, living next to me

a part of me wishes to flee
a part wants you miserably
take your pick, for you its free
next to you, im supposed to be

- Sevak -

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Warning for Sikhs: The Dera Chief issue continues to Escalate

The Indian Government has failed so far to act upon arresting Dera Chief Ram Rahim for his actions against Sikhs and humanity. Putting aside what he has done against the Sikh community, the Dera Chief is known to be involved in many rape and murder cases, but the Government has yet to arrest him. Instead, when you read the Indian Nationalist publications such as the one below, you will find them using terms to demonize the Sikhs while not stating one piece of falsity by the Dera Chief or the inactions of the Government. Whereas the Dera Chief should be arrested, the Times of India suggests the riots in Mumbai could have been prevented if the Dera Chief had been given more police protection. If this does not illustrate the joint bias against the Sikhs by both the Government of India and its media, I have no clue what will. If the Dera Chief is not arrested and justice delivered, such incidents are bound to occur again and again. The Government itself is planting the seeds for a massive conflict in the coming future.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Random Quote

this one was really random because one, it came out of nowhere, two it was in third person ( i almost always write in first person), and third it was in hindi...? i havent spoken that in it is:

agar humse bhool hoi, to hume bhool jaana
agar kisi hor se bhool hoi, to une bhi bhool jaana
agar apne aap se bhool hoi, apne aap ko mat bhoolna
aise karna, maanlo khuda se judaa ho jaana

- Sevak -

Monday, March 31, 2008



This just reminded me. I saw the movie "Kite Runner" the other day. Which by the way, is an AMAZING movie. I recommend everyone watch it. And the character in that movie said something along the same lines. I believe he said.

" The greatest sin in life is stealing. When you murder, you steal someone's right to life. When you lie, you steal someone's right to know the truth. When you betray, you steal the person's right to trust..."

Something along those lines.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Greatest Sin in Life

I had this thought randomly a couple of days ago and i have no clue why, but somehow my brain asked itself the question: What is the greatest sin in life living amongst people of this world? And then I realized the following.

The greatest sin in life, is not murdering, raping, or some other physically obscene crime. The greatest sin in life is withholding wisdom attained by a person, because unlike a physical crime where whatever you do only hurts relatively one or few persons, when you withhold wisdom you harm everyone in the process because you withheld something that could have helped everyone.

Because you chose to withold something that could have solved many problems of the world, and by witholding this wisdom you continued to allow those problems to exist. Therefore, the greatest sin a person could do in their life is not share the wisdom they attained in their lifetime.

- Sevak -

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Good, The Bad

The purpose, I believe, in the religion of Guru Nanak Sahib is not of morality, but of the cosmic appreciation of the one Being. Doing good in one’s life, knowing the difference between good and bad, or bringing the qualities of Vaheguru into a person's life is not the purpose of the Sikh, it is but a mere consequence of a life lived in the cosmic appreciation of the one Being. Those personalities who teach and preach to others to be “good people” are I believe the ones who have misunderstood and continually belittle the meaning of Sikhi.

I have for the longest time held the belief that morality is not the purpose of Sikhi, for I believe morality has been taught much before Guru Nanak Sahib came into this world, and can be learned by any individual attending any University by partaking the courses of Sociology and Ethics. If we were to say the purpose of Sikhi or religiousness is to be good people, then I believe the purpose of religiosity and Sikhi for those who think that may have come to an end, for you may gain this knowledge anywhere on the internet or a university.

No, I believe what Guru Nanak Sahib expounded on over and over again was the feeling of cosmic appreciation. The humility in the being which has come to appreciate the harmony in which the Universe works, and the longing of that being to expand the personal self and experience life connected as the Universal self. This feeling is appreciated by and evidenced through one such writing of an inspired-soul, Professor Puran Singh, who in his book The Creation and Purpose of the Khalsa states, “The religion of Guru Nanak is one thing needful to the soul of the individual, as well as the souls of groups of individuals. Nature is God. It is personal and alive with feeling. It is a reservoir of inexhaustible life, inspiration and love. Acceptance, amazement, and the spirituality of things are Guru Nanaks exact words. Religion is function of life, as it is driven to function.” If one reads The Spirit Born People, more of this cosmic appreciation is expounded on by this great inspired soul.

It is furthermore evidenced by writings by Guru Sahib himself when he states “ham nahi change bura nahi koe” Shabad Panna 2784, “jo tho prem khelan ka chao, sir dhar tali gali meri aao, eith maarag pair dhareejai, sir deejay kaan na keejai” Shabad Panna 1412, and “sach kahon sun leh sabhai, jin prem kio tin hi prabh paayeo” by Guru Gobind Singh Ji in Savaiye 9th pauri. In all of these Shabads Guru Sahib continually speaks of one message, which is the appreciation of the one Being. This appreciation is through living a life of Love, and this Love is discovered in a life of Truthful living; the second word in Guru-Granth Sahib Ji, “Sat-Naam.”. This Love then is expressed in innumerous ways such as service, moral living, sharing, etc. This is why morality is not the purpose. There is no purpose. There is just the feeling of cosmic appreciation, Love. True Love has no purpose other than to Love.

And The Ugly

The Ugly is the state of the actions of our personal and communal lives, and I will not say Panthic because the Guru is Panth and the Panth is forever blossoming. To cut this short, and without ranting on for another ten pages, I will briefly say that because we have forgotten the message of cosmic appreciation, living a life of true love, it is why our community and our personal lives are in the state they are in. It is why we have become a group of judgmental imbeciles who cast eyes of opinions, rather than love, upon each other in the community and other human beings. And, as long as we continue this tradition of separation based on our foolish idea of our genius wisdom, proclaimed by our tradition of sourcing evidence on meaningless names and figures of history, and whilst forgetting the cosmically inspirational Shabad of our Guru, not living a life of Love, as a community and as individuals we shall perish into the dust of time and history having accomplished nothing but egoism and self-indulgence.

May Vaheguru have compassion on us for we possess the incredible ability to cremate beauty in our daily lives.

Lastly, stay in chardi-kala! =)

- Sevak -

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A friend of Mine

I wanna tell you about a young friend of mine
Grew up together since we were like 8 or Nine
Same school, same class, same place, same time
but we had different ways of stayin in line

he had a passion for hangin out with them girls
pretty boy had girls in different parts of the world
good kid at heart, he got caught up in the hype
used to get with girls that weren't even his type.

everybody loved him, we should chill and hang out together
good clothes, good shoes, the good life. whatever
but then we got to college and things changed forever
he did his thing well, and i cant say things changed for the better

two years back i got a call so sick.
sometimes i just wish i had never picked
he coughed real hard and said to come over quick
i tried to ask questions but he was quick to click

i got to his place.
from the stairs the despair was heard
he sat cold and alone in his bed, didn't say a word.
the ice and jewels were now covered in red.
i wonder what else he would have to endure.

He was Posi-tive.
Infected with what we joked about and called it, "HiV"
The doctors said he didn't have much longer to live
Unless he bought the meds and stopped bein Ac-tive

He's got a virus that was spreadin so quickly
day by day hes gettin more and more sickly
he cried to the doctor like "OH please try to fix me!
i was clueless and feelin kinda tipsy!
and i cant even TRY to take a sick leave!
cause if i dont work then they gonna evict me!"


My friend. My buddy. He lays on his death bed tonight.
got nothin left in him, but he's still fightin the fight.
frightened by fright, such a frightening fight.
his deeds were wrong but they made him feel so right.
he wont last too long, i doubt that he might

i pray to God, but his answers are known.
i try not to mourn, cause my friend's finally returnin home

i would tell you his name, but you already know him too
he's your best friend, he does what you do.
the syllables in his name, three minus two.
My friend is YOU.

- SaintSoulja

King of Queens

The reputation of a queen is about to collapse
reduced to the size of the glutinous max
blast from the past, now it's all about the ....
chivalry is dead, rest in peace at last.

but wait, (laugh) no pun intended
let me convey what really gets me offended
no more respect for women all that has ended
callin her names like B... awh that's splendid!

need to realize that we all our descendants
of a gender on who the world is depended
the idea is rare, not everyone can apprehend it
yeah we want that ... but we can't defend it

now what more can i say, i got nothin in store.
we abandon these creatures and call em whores
take advantage of their innocence insteada adore
the beauty of these angels standin at our door

[Hook] x 2

There's a time when, life gets rough
Mama. You gotta stay tough.
I promise. To take away the pain.
Make it sunshine after all this rain.

Nine months in her womb, I coulda been a tomb,
Instead momma gave me her breaths and all her food
I made it out alive, only to witness with my own eyes
the way men act, just so they can stand with pride.

realize that we get our legs from momma,
Cold world got heated up, just like a sauna.
One glance at momma's eyes showed me a world of hope.
So I put down the gun and loosened up the rope.

Showed me. The sanctity of a lady.
Forgave me in the hot city and took me a shady
place.where I could see everything so clear.
Took me to her chest, she knew that grown men don't tear.

I knew that day, she gave me more than smile and love
Felt I she was an angel sent from above.
Know that God gave em strength, just smaller frames to carry
so throw your ego, not our women down to the ground.

[Hook] x 2

There's a time when, life gets rough
Mama. You gotta stay tough.
I promise. To take away the pain.
Make it sunshine after all this rain.

They say there's a woman behind every man
but how come she can't stand next to the man?
plan of the man, well i don't understand
i aint no feminist but i do what i can

ode to my mother, love her forever
scraps off the streets raised me and my brother
to hell with a father didn't need it in my life
beat his wife, so i don't want em in my life

the same woman that once gave up her night asleep
to make you slept tight, held you tight when you weeped
held your hand through the streets, stayed by your side
and she never left sigh, when the struggle got steep

cause women face a lot, but we don't hear about it
female fetacide and homocide im countin
domestic violence or careers that get doubted
yeah we all hear about it, now lets be about it.

[Hook] x 2

There's a time when, life gets rough
Mama. You gotta stay tough.
I promise. To take away the pain.
Make it sunshine after all this rain.

-SaintSoulja (G.N.E.)

Saturday, March 8, 2008


I want you, just you
Why can't it just be
Me and you in symphony
Orchestrating a life
Thats in beat
My love is the bee
Your love is the flower
I feed from you
You live through me
Me and you in symphony
Why can't it just be
Your love being the sun
My love being the tree
You feed me your beauty
I make the earth green
Why can't it just be
Me and you in symphony
Your love is the conductor
My love is the melody
This symphony could never be complete
Without me and you in harmony

- Sevak -

Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm Back! (calm down)

Waddup fam!

I know I know, I haven't posted anything in a while. I been REALLY busy with A LOT of stuff. Haven't had any time at all lately. But im in the middle of an all-nighter taking a break, so I thought I'd update yall on what I have been up to lately.

Alright so....

-Just got back from VCU, RootsGear was at Apna Virsa Apna Punjab Bhangra competition, it was baller. Had a really good time out there. Congratulations to all the teams that won, shout out to my peeps at Drexel Bhangra, you guys get better every time i see you.

- Update on the Kray Twinz Spit Your Best Contest, MUCH MUCH love to everyone that showed me their support and love on the facebook video. thank you all SOOO much, it really means a lot to me. The contest and the entire video diary thing has now been moved to So go check it out.

- We are practically finished with a track called "King of Queens" featuring myself, Ajay Gogna (acoustic guitar), "Vik" (Bass guitar and Trumpet), and the talented Ram (vocals and tabla). The track is going to be all live instruments. We should be recording that very soon so look out for that too.

- Some of the collabs that are coming up very soon are: Young Fateh, Mandeep Sethi, the famous P. Oberoi from Soultap Records, and our good friend from Australia L-Fresh.

- Coming out in April is a Music Video for the track called "turBAN". An inside look into the french turban ban issue taken on by G.N.E. Shout out to Gursean Singh and Sartaj Singh for that.
- Also coming out in April will be an exclusive video and interview with SaintSoulja and the Godfather on Look out for that in april.

- ALSO, RootsGear will be coming out with BRAND NEW designs in April for Vaisakhi, and TRUST ME when i say this, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT!

Alright, I think i've told you way too much, but i don't mind, i trust you all as family.

Much love and respect. Good luck to everyone at drexel on their finals! goodluck to all you regular school heads on your midterms!




Wednesday, February 20, 2008

UnInvited by SaintSoulja (G.N.E.)

[Verse One]

They stormed the village where we used to live,
shot my pops, so we had to split
runnin' barefoot we began to sprint
ran for the hills, as ran through the sand

before we knew it, we'd reach a place
refugee camp with an orphanage.
lost boys, we grew up as kids
no parents around none of that proper shiiiii

but we still made fam. that was close to us
brothers I made that I knew i could trust.
had a white lady that would come for us
kept our future closed in her purse.

they had a gimmick that was made for us,
before it got too danger-ous.
every few months she'd come and stare at us,
to find a few she would make into ameri-cuns.

[Verse two]

Got a plane ticket, got a place to live
shared the crib with a buncha new friends
got new clothes, and i got with the trend
i waited my whole life for the shi* to end

four months in, things began to change
people don't even seem to act the same
actin strange to the shade of my skin
i can't even afford to pay the rent.

The shi* im in, ain't what it seemed to be
the free world no longer seems to be free
got a job workin at the factory
i wonder exactly what he got planned for me.

Pressure back home, they all mad at me
what you call a lot, ain't a lot to me
so i work like a slave to leave the slums
why am i back to where i came from?

- SaintSoulja

p.s. this is a new piece im working on, produced by Kulwinder Thandi (Kuee) from Block Suppliers Prod. This is another double-time track, but its much deeper this time around. Wait for it to be recorded i guess.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Enlighten your Community!

I love coming across things like this, they really are a proof that someone out there does care, and that someone out there is doing something to help us out. I think SALDEF has done an incredible job with this video, and keep doing things that are vital to our Diaspora Nation.
Check out this video produced by SALDEF, (i think i know almost everyone in the video) and spread the word about it. Get it to your local police station, get it to your local security agency, or any other law enforcement agency.

Peace be with you.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

True Love by SaintSoulja (G.N.E.)

Yo wassup people. Here's a piece I JUST wrote, so it's still rough. But, COINCIDENTALLY it was written on Valentine's Day. (oh boohoo)
I actually been trying to write this piece for like a week or so now, and it just wasn't coming out of my system. I wanna give a shoutout to my little brother Gursimar Singh aka MC G-Singh for working with me on this one. I hope you post up your piece very soon bro. Check that out when it's up too. Mad props!
Anywho, with no further a due. Here's True Love by SaintSoulja

True Love By SaintSoulja (G.N.E.)

[Verse One] SaintSoulja

As i sit here, I reminise on a thought
stare at the scars from the last battle that i fought
caught in between two very different worlds
then I think abt the past and what i did to that girl

She a pretty chick
pretty hips with them pretty lips
she got a style that i seem to kinda dig
plus her daddy's pocket's are kinda big
i wonder if she ever gonna give game to this kid

i lust for her touch. she must be mine.
rush through the trust. she got that smile
i got that time. when a girl's THAT fine
ill wine and dine. till i hit it from behind

But i chose to propose. I do it for the folks
Got her a ring, complimented with a rose
I hope she accepts. I hope her daddy like me.
Cant wait to make this broad my wifey (MUAHAHAH) Evil Laugh

[Hook] x 2

As the end is near, I find where it began
The lust for a woman, her love for a man
Soulmates. That only God can defend
True love has no happy endings. Cause it never ends.

[Verse two] SaintSoulja

I spend my nights/ alone in my bed
Still cant forget, all the things that she said
thoughts run wild, im cold in my head
somethin's wrong with the girl that i wed

All the chasin, im startin to dread
wipin away fantasies of the lady in red
damn! im fed up this shit!
sometimes i just wish she was dead

No i dont. I cant. She's still my wife
even though she got another man in her life
she dont lie. It's not like she cheated
she loved him way before I "one knee'd it"

but i dont need it. its not like i love her
shes got a soulmate, her secret lover
it was whatever, till i heard that day.
her knight came to town, and ran my woman away

[Hook] x 2

As the end is near, I find where it began
The lust for a woman, her love for a man
Soulmates. That only God can defend
True love has no happy endings. Cause it never ends.

[Verse Three] SaintSoulja

I couldnt find the heard/ to go to the wedding
But i heard about the vicious setting
a devilish act, disturbin the peace
uncle poisoned the food, and fed it to his niece

Cease. The moment. when it seems abstract
The match made in heaven, finally met its match
true love lives forever, but the bodies dettach
they died together, and the scene fades to black

I come back/ to where i sit at the moment
alone in the death bed, with no one go with
no reason for me to be actin all heroic
if life's a game, then i guess I'll forefit

Regret on my mind, as i close my eyes
envy in my heart, as i see the light
but it feels right. its where i belong
i die alone right after this song...

[Hook] x 2

As the end is near, I find where it began
The lust for a woman, her love for a man
Soulmates. That only God can defend
True love has no happy endings. Cause it never ends.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Untitled 02/11/08

there is no I in team, but theres an I in Sikh
its sick. sick, what we'll do for an ego trip
go to sikh camps and act like some pimpin shit
preach this preach that, but act like a whimp
is all good cuz i fed my ego on some bullshit
on sunday told my homies i was a gursikh
on monday drank some whisky n let my soul slip
its funny ain't it
these acts, the masks, the whole fuckin play
its like shakespeare, except we diggin our own graves
if there were enough grammys for this sikh stage
every turban headed guy would be a john wayne
so go ahead, put on a turban, join the masquerade
come and play this game of fake love and charades,
sing 'em shabads, put on a hypocritical display
the masters of our own disaster, our soul is an ashtray

- Sevak -

True Love

True Love by SaintSoulja

[Verse One]

As I stand in this field, I find myself alone
Sweat drippin down my dome, tight grippin on my chrome
Lost at my cause, and im startin to miss home
How do people survive the aftermath of a warzone?

Roam the streets, of this. third world
Find things that remind me of baby girl.
4 months old, couldn’t be at the birth.
Sent me a picture with a letter, for what it’s worth.

I watch the rebels and mates pass away every day
Innocent people get caught by bullets that are a stray
What a way to live, I hope God can forgive
My sins, or give me death, cause “you get what you give”

When the end is near, I think about the creation
Realizations. As I’m fightin for this nation
What seemed like love at first, is now infatuation
I hope for changes in the next generation.

[Hook] x 2

True Love. Will always last forever.
Strong Enough. To keep us together
I gave my heart, my soul and mind to you
If I had to, I would die for you.

[Verse Two]

They say if you don’t stand for nothin, then you’ll fall for anything
My people aint got legs, they fall for everything
Infestations from the west, the drugs and the bling.
Keep my ears open as I wait for freedom to ring

They call us dogs, cause we kill with no cover
My soldiers are purple hearted, they fight with valor
This is the army, of a higher power
Revolution. Makes lions outta cowards

Im a rebel to this world, and I fight with a cause
And if I lose my swords, then immo fight with my paws
And if I lose my hands, then immo fight with my jaw
Fight with the law, as long as I fight whats wrong.

As the end is near, I think about the creation
Realizations, as im fightin for this nation
What was infatuation, now turned into love
I hope the next generation, knows the price of my blood

[Hook] x2

True Love. Will always last forever.
Strong Enough. To keep us together
I gave my heart, my soul and mind to you
If I had to, I would die for you.

[Verse Three]

The night turned black, as we stuck in this combat
Rebel forces infiltrate us through the wall cracks
There’s no turning back, so we all shootin back
Reload the m-16 and wach it go TAT TAT!

They stormed our village in the middle of the night
I pulled out my steel, and put up a fight
The last stand of a man, the same as a lover
Hopin my baby’s safe along with her mother

The smoke filled the room, had no clue what to do
Lost sight and hearin, but I could still envision you
Bullets sprayed, who cares who they engraved
I take my last breath, and say my last prayer

As we came to the end, we thought about the creation
Realizations, as we fight for this nation
What we call infatuation, turned to be love
I hope everyone understands the price of his blood

[Hook] x 2

True Love. Will always last forever.
Strong Enough. To keep us together
I gave my heart, my soul and mind to you
If I had to, I would die for you.

PostScript: Don't even try to steal any of my shit man!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Vote for SaintSoulja!

Alright, for those of you that actually do read this blog on a regular basis (i dont know why?)
I'm sorry for not have been posting lately, i got reallyyy busy with school these past two weeks. I just got done with exams, so now I can get back to work.

Anywho, this is one of the first things this weekend.

I was going through facebook and stuff a couple days back and saw that the Kray Twinz were having a Spit Your Best Verse Competition. Now for those of you that haven't heard of the Kray Twinz before, I would suggest you google them. But they are two Sikh twin brothers who are producers in the U.K. They are pretty well known in England and have worked with a few big names like Twista, DMX, Elephant Man, and I think Busta Rhymes as well.

The Kray Twinz recently got together with a new talent by the name of "Vee", also from the UK. Vee is known to be what is now being called a "Rapsinger". This guy is really talented, from what I have seen. He can rap (without the English accent) and then switch it up and Sing like a Soul artist. He is truly talented, he's got an amazing voice, incredible skills on the mic, and he really knows what he's doin.

Anyways. So......The Kray Twinz are producing the newest Mixtape by Vee labeled "Mr. RapSinger", and they are giving one individual the opportunity to collaborate with them for a track on the Mixtape. So I thought, hey why not?

So, here's my entry for the Contest. You can find more info about the contest at
Who Is Mr. RapSinger Contest

Go to the page and comment on my entry so I can win! =)

Also, outta respect for my Little bro from Dallas, go check out his entry as well. "MC G-Singh aka Gursimar Singh" from Dallas, TX

Monday, February 4, 2008

Meet Mr. Sonny Caberwal

Alright, some of us have been to the big billboard and taken pictures, most of have seen those pictures, and almost all of us have heard about "The Kenneth Cole Sardar".

If you haven't gotten to HEAR from this young individual and here's your chance. Here is the interview video of Mr. Sonny Caberwal, the Sikh model from Kenneth Cole. I think in this video he does an amazing job of enlightening the masses about who/what a Sikh is, what our role in society is, and what hardships we have been through in the recent past. Much Props to this brotha, I hope you keep up the good work, and I hope we see you more often. Respect!


Perseverance is the word of the day.

Dictionary Definition: steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

Perseverance to me, is never giving up. There are a lot times in life, when we feel like we're not good enough, or we feel that we are not suited for the situation or the feeling that "maybe this just isn't me". But, I think those moments are the defining moments of our life. Because it is THEN, that we realize that yeah it is hard, and there are a lot of difficult obstacles in the way, and yeah no matter how hard I try, there's always someone there to try and bring you down, BUT, no matter what happens, I have to keep trying, I have to keep fighting and I will NOT quit.
I can admit I've had those moments in my life, and I still do. But those are the times when I realize that if I really do want it that bad, then I have to keep the struggle alive and I have to keep my head up.

Lynn Davies once said. "It's perseverance that's the key. It's persevering for long enough to achieve your potential."

Guru Granth Sahib also says "mann tu jot saroop hai, apna mool pachaan"
Meaning, "Oh mind, you are Divine, realize your potential".

Always remember that no matter how tough it gets, or how bad the situation is, if you persevere for long enough, you WILL make it through, you WILL survive and if its something you really want to achieve and work hard enough for it, you WILL succeed. And that's the word.

So with that being said, Congratulations to the New York Giants, Champions of the NFL SUPERBOWL 42 for Persevering through the hard times, getting through the obstacles, and realizing your potential. As a Washington Redskins fan, I commend you on your victory, a job well done.

(shoutout to my boy Suchi (and bhabi) for throwin a kickass Superbowl Party at his spot, Much Love)

Anywho, I now give you the Sickest Play of the night

Peace and Perseverance

Saturday, February 2, 2008


By Akshay Ullal

Nine months in her womb, I coulda been a tomb,
Instead momma gave me her breaths and all her food
I made it out alive, only to witness with my own eyes
the way men act, just so they can stand with pride.
We get our legs from momma,
Cold world got heated up, just like a sauna.
One glance at momma's eyes showed me a world of hope.
So I grabbed it with my hands, and loosened up the rope.
Showed me. The sanctity of a lady.
Forgave me in the hot city and took me a shady place.
where I could see everything so clear.
Took me to her chest, she knew that grown men hate to tear.
I knew that day, she gave me more than smile and love
Felt I she was an angel sent from above.
Know that God gave em strength, just smaller frames to carry
so throw your ego, not our women down to the ground.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Muhammed Walks

First and foremost, if you must know. I love Lupe Fiasco with a passion. He is definitely one of my main influences. Just everything about his swag (short for swagger meaning style), his content, his flow, and his approach to songs is incredibly genius.

I have been listening to Lupe since "Food and Liquor" and so for those of you joining him after the hit single "Superstar", you gotta make sure you go cop a copy of "food and Liquor" it is definitely worth having (amazing album).

Anywho, I thought I'd garnish this blog with yet another video from my "personal favorites" archive. This is Lupe Fiasco with "Muhammed Walks" parody to "Jesus Walks" by Kanye West (also a very brilliant and amazing track), this is not on any of his albums (i dont think), It's either just a random release or from a mixtape or something.

But check it out. It's fire!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Community Roots

Call me a youtube freak if you want, but remember only God can judge me.

Anywho, recently this youtube video was passed onto me, and so I thought I'd share it with you all. The video is about an organization called Community Roots, which is based out of UMD College Park, started by a few motivated, inspired and aspiring group of friends. I personally first got in touch with the organization about a year or two ago when my brother started working with them and joined the organization. In all honesty, C-Roots is one of most impressive student-run organizations I have ever seen work. The amount of work they do, the content of their work, their attitudes, the way they carry themselves, the discussions they spark, their mindset and just everything about them is astonishing. In the past they have thrown events such as Community Langars, 1984 Candle Light Vigil, Big Brother Mentor program, Jam for Peace, Mayday Concert, and many many other events. They are absolutely amazing and if you are a student at UMD i would definitely recommend you get in touch with them asap.
Also, if you are not a student at UMD but are still interested, I would suggest you get in touch with them because they in the midst of spread C-Roots organizations all over the nation. So if you share the same mission and vision as them, don't hesitate to start your own C-Roots at your University/College.

That's my 2 Cents.

Now, without further a due, I present to you: Community Roots

Monday, January 28, 2008

G.N.E. Collab?

Alright, so don't judge me just cause I like watching indian tv shows on Zee TV once every 2 months.

But yeah so, I was watching this show called Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. And they were doing like a little kids competition I guess, and there is a little Sikh boy on there and he is siccck!! He has an amazinggg voice. He should DEFINITELY be winning. But anyways, I found this online. Check it out. It's one of his best performances that i've seen (i guess cause it's in punjabi)

Also, I think you can practically watch the entire competition on youtube.

Here is the link to Rohanpreet Singh (the baller Sikh boy with a baller voice)

Rohanpreet Singh

Definitely do whatever you can support this kid.


To Wear or not to wear, That is the question

In the midst of me doing my daily reading of the Sikhnet news (which is a good source, check it out!) I find this:NEWS!

The article is about a 14 year old Sikh girl who got kicked out of school in Australia for wearing her Kara.
My reaction: WOW! are you serious?

Whoever said "it's hard out here for a pimp" has no clue how hard it is for a Sikh. But as they say in Kuwait, "Insha- allah" justice will prevail.

Stay up brothers and sisters!




Alright, So I did a little more research, and I guess the news articles are coming in slowly but surely. What I found was this:

"Manmohan Singh did raise the issue of the ban [turban ban] with Sarkozy during their bilateral talks here Friday and was told that there is no ban on turbans in France, but only restrictions ''in certain circumstances'' like for a photo for driving licenses, official sources said."

Cool. So I guess everything is under control. Nicee!


Sunday, January 27, 2008

The turBAN issue

So, Today is January 27th, 2008 and almost all of India celebrated their Independence Day yesterday. Congratulations to India. But yesterday (well, this weekend really) was also the day French Prime President Nicolas Sarkozy visited India to take part in the celebrations and talk about things like weapons, nuclear cooperation, and alliances and what not.

Having said all that, my point is this. The Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh, sat and conversed with this French Gentleman and enjoyed his company and loved having him over, (with his old school pagh on ofcourse), While sikh high school kids (among other sikhs applying for official government documents) are asked to remove their turbans or be expelled from school in France.

I don't know about you, but it doesn't make too much sense to me.

Manmohan Singh is not unaware about the issue at all, he was made aware of the situation by the SGPC and many other Sikh organizations and was urged to make sure he addresses this issue.

So with that being said (yeah, i dont like to write that much), G.N.E. has just finished recording a track called "turBAN" which takes you inside the world of a Sikh high school kid living in france. We are also working on a Music video for this track as well, expect to see the finished products in the next few months.



And I'm Back!

Wat's Up people?

Just lettin you blog readers and stalkers know that I'm back at the blogging. Im going to try my best to blog as frequently as possible. But here's some things you must know first:

- I am NOT a professional blogger (if there is such a thing)
- I write blogs the way I talk, so don't expect anything exquisite.
- oh! and don't hate, celebrate!

That's about it.


SaintSoulja (D.C.)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Community of Tigers we were, A Community of Dogs we've become

I was reading a weblog entry by MrSikhNet, because a friend introduced me to that site today. He wrote some very interesting thoughts that spurred some of my own.
These thoughts of mine are not written in a poem, but a rare essay-format. Enjoy or Hate, as you wish. =)

I think we tend to forget that Guru Sahib told us to do Naam Japna, Vand Chakna, and Kirat Karni, but no hard-fast rule on how to do it, so there is no one correct way of doing those things.
I guess when Guru Sahib liberated our souls from the tyranny of existing religious thoughts, we would rather have remained slaves to a set of rules of how to live our lives than have become free and independent to make our own choices leading to our salvation.

We bow our heads down to the Guru every Sunday like good little Sikhs we are, but I sometimes wonder for what and why we're bowing. The difference between the Brahman and the Guru lay in the fact that the Brahman wanted to enslave you in his spiritually bankrupt and corrupt kingdom, while the Guru wished to liberate you so you may see the beautiful spiritual kingdom of heaven that He sees. When we bow down to the Brahman's Mat, we bow in slavery due to the fear the Brahman instilled in us. When we bow down to our Guru's Mat, we bow down in love due to the freedom of our souls the Guru gave us. It would be applicable to have Prof. Puran Singh's quote here from The Creation and Purpose of Khalsa, where he speaks of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and what he did for the people. "He poured into our veins that life which could not love without song and freedom. We rose as individuals and as masses shouting for our liberty and victory. He gave us freedom of the soul, and we cried for the freedom of our life. We died for it, never mind, if we never got it. Touched by his inspiration, we could no more remain slaves."

Now, if I maybe excused of being ex-communicated from the Panth for making this statement, we wish to make our Guru our Brahman; for we no longer seek a liberator, we seek a tyrant. We do not want the freedom of our soul, for we no longer know what freedom is. We are so used to our minds being enslaved by the influences of society, people, politicians, goverments, so called religious saints, all telling us exactly how to live our lives, that we no longer know what it means to be conscious of our own mind. We wish to be trained and fed like dogs on this spiritual experience we wish to have, and so we go to whomsoever claims to know this beautiful spiritual kingdom of heaven the Guru sees, and we bow down to their Mat. We have bowed down oh so often that we forget for what we really bowed down for.

So now, when we see our Guru, when we bow to our Guru, we wish for him to give us set in stone rules like the 10 commandments of how to live our life, and then we become confused when the Guru refuses to give us these rules, for the Guru only tells us Naam Japna, Vand Chakna, and Kirat Karni. The Guru only tells us to bring the virtues of Vaheguru in our lives and with love in our hearts enter the journey to the beautiful spiritual kingdom of heaven. That is not good enough for us, we wish to be treated and fed like dogs, and so like dogs with our tongues wagging we run to the several different Jathe-bandis in our Panth to give us a set of rules of exactly how to do what the Guru told us to do. So the masters of those Jathe-bandis, like the Brahmans, are ever so ready to enslave us under their own Mat. Then we like foolish dogs loyal to our own "masters" bicker amongst ourselves for the other dog doesn't follow the same set of rules, and we continue to rip at each other's throat, while the Guru sits there amused how those he liberated enslaved themselves.

Honestly, we are like the foolish old dog whom the master cut the leash from. The dog no longer knows what it once meant to be free, he only knows to do what he is told to do and not know that he has the freedom to make his own choices. The Guru's love for us is so beautiful, He wishes to set us free so we may experience the journey to the spiritual kingdom of heaven. The Guru did not ever wish to enslave us in bondage, he wished to free us so we may experience for ourselves what He experienced. Yes, I know, many great so called religious saints would argue with me here for they feel that only through bondage may we experience salvation, and many misinterpreted quotes from Guru Granth Sahib Ji would be wound up in a bouquet of ignorance and delivered. The bondage the Guru speaks to us of is not slavery, it is a bond of love. The bondage is that of a lover to her beloved. It is like the love of Heer towards Ranjha, where Heer no longer felt seperated from Ranjha through the distance, for she felt her and him were One. Guru Sahib told us "Jo tho prem khelan ka chao, sir dhar tali gali meri aao, eith maarag pair dhareejai, sir deejai kaan n keejai." He did not say "bondange khelan ka chao," he said "prem khelan ka chao," and the bondage often referred to, in Gurbani, is metaphorically speaking of love, except we're so used to being enslaved that we think it is us being attached in chains, rather than us in love.

Alas, the Guru seeks to liberate us and make us Singhs, tigers, but we love being sheeps and dogs too much to become Singhs.

Lastly, stay in chardi-kala! =)

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!