Tuesday, July 29, 2008


dont say we didn't tell you so
here is the message, here it goes

this is not a manifest destiny
this is your date with fate
where for every evil action
there is a heavy slate
you tried to take us to our deaths
we still here fightin with every breath
an apology is far too late
you can't change what is to be your fate
you came and attacked us at our heart
be ready for yours to be ripped apart

you're nothing new to us
just a fancy new fool
with a fancy new sword
better count up your fortunes
for every death there is a toll
you took us to our death
we'll take you to yours
make you pay for the toll
offering change is of help no more

the spirit of a warrior
you can never kill
we are born to the highest king
and to the gods we die
our spirit you can never kill
its colored with the divine dye
we are the masters of our own destiny
no oppresor before you got away clean
don't think you'll be different or unique
your life will end the same as theirs
destroyed and lost into the winds of history

- Sevak -

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