Saturday, September 6, 2008


I write, we write
Our feelings on paper

Sing our hearts out in the shower
Spending time alone never felt better

Criticize the world and its needs
Failed to look inside of us and our deeds

Freedom to think we give up
And keep an open ear to “trend”
Forget the old and make new friends

Love we buy on Valentines Day
Relationships we loose like
Pennies from an ash tray

Criticize me all you want
I am not having a bad day

I am like a thought that
just stays in your head

never leave the base,
I just stay in your place

when you try to kick me out, your head hurts
and if I leave you might need some Aleve

so keep me in your thoughts
for tomorrow I might not live

and when I am gone the only thing
I will leave behind was the idea that
never look back and stay strong!

- Mastana -

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